Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yesterday my boxer gave birth to 5 cute puppies!
2 male and 3 female!
if you know anyone that wants to buy a CKC boxer let me know! Here is a picture I took yesterday, Sorry it's not the best picture of the pups.
Graycee is in HEAVEN all she wants to do is LOOK at the puppies all day long! good thing they are in the laundry room and I have a child gate up!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We found out what we are having today!!! It is a BOY! Mark and I are so excited well I think Mark is a little bit more excited then me!  He finally is going to have his BOY! we are going to name him  Ryker Weston Skousen.  I am so excited to buy something BLUE, I mean I know they don't sell a lot of cute BOY clothes but what the heck. I am excited because my sister in law is having a boy the end of July. So they will be close in age.  

  That's my good NEWS for the week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hello to all my BIG fans out there! I just wanted to say hi and tell everyone I am still in the 
 blogging world......
   Some fun things we have been doing......
   I started a salon with my good friend Sara Dewitt {Crosby}  That has been fun in its self!
   Graycee is now going to a babysitters a couple days a week, I was missing her so bad today I started crying in the car. I went and pick her up early! Mark got a good laugh out of me crying. 

    Easter was a BIG hit! Me parents made a HUGE dinner and the Easter bunny came in the morning and put eggs all over the back yard for Graycee she LOVED it! Dinner was so fun we did something a little different this year we invited some of are good family friend over for dinner. Some of my brothers and there family couldn't make it so we invited FRIENDS over. Thanks Mom and Dad for the great meal I know you BOTH work so hard on making that day perfect! And thanks so much for the Family basket we all love it! thanks Farrell's and Merrell's and Marks parents and Brent  for coming and hanging out with us. It was a perfect DAY eating and sitting around the fire just talking! My Daughter has a BIG CRUSH on Jason Farrell! I have taught her WELL!
 Graycee had the chance to have a fun day at the Park with her cousins!
 My Mom had Braxton and Marlee the  Saturday before Easter so we went to the park and Played Graycee was in heaven and Griffin was there so Brax and Griff were in heaven playing together. My mom and I just sat on the nice cool grass and got to love on Marlee she is so cute! She looks just like Dusty! She is a Happy happy baby. It was a perfect day to just play! 

   we just had all my dad's brothers out here from Cali for 3 days!  The boys went golfing for 3 days in a row! That doesn't sound fun to be but I guess they had a blast. 
 Corree had Bunko one night so Travis and his kids came over to hang out. It was fun to once again sit around the fire and listen to all the funny stories my uncles all have to tell!  

   Well for the Last BIG news! I get to find out what I am having on April 15Th. Everything I have done is telling me I am having a BOY?? So lets take a guess what do you think BOY or GIRL?? this is for my Best friend Bridget.. The heart beat was 143?????? so who knows!