Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Hero's

so all of you know that today is 9-11
I wanted to say thanks to my dad,Trent,Julie,Dustin and Justin
you guys do so much for everyone and I am so lucky to have you ALL in my life!
you are All AWESOME firefighters. Thanks for ALL you do everyday I love you!
everyone please take a moment in your day today and remember 9-11

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Monday, September 10, 2007

I am still ALIVE

Hello everyone!
I am Back in action! Thanks for waiting around to hear what our little family has been up to this last month.
I have been busy with life which is Graycee,Mark,work,Graycee,Mark and MORE work!
we did get to go away with some friends camping over Labor day weekend which it was nice to get out of the heat!!! we took two girls from our ward to help babysit and let me tell you they were a LIFE SAVER!
I am glad you guys have stuck with me and check my blog every now and then! I promise to be better at posting more often. here are some fun pic for you All to enjoy!