Saturday, June 6, 2009

we are alive and well.....

OK I know I am going private SOMEDAY when I get around to it.

We have been busy with just NORMAL life things,the kids are getting so Big. This morning I was laying in bed thinking about Rusty and Jacquie and there cute little baby boy KADEN. He was born yesterday at 24 weeks he has a long road ahead of him but he is a FIGHTER............. 
Thinking about what the future holds for them It just took me back to the time when Ryker was born and had to spend a week and half in the NICU. GOSH that is NOTHING,  And how grateful I was to have my mom down at the hospital EVERYDAY with me ALL day long so Mark could work and to be there for ME....... I was feeding Ryker breakfast this morning and lets just say you would NEVER know he was in the NICU. He is my SCHUREMAN BABY! 

 I LOve that he is a happy smiling baby and he LOVES his mom and dad. He thinks we are the GReatest thing ever. If I am having a bad day I can always count on Ryker to  just give me that look and a BIG HUGE smile that just MELTS my heart!

 Graycee is getting so big and LOVES Ryker...She thinks she is his mother. Let me just say I KNOW why they call it terrible TWOS! 
 Graycee is ALOT like me,she knows what she likes and knows what she wants and NOTHING stops her. 
her mmm{which is Lipgloss...her favorite one is nana mac long lasting  lipgloss}
Playing in bathrooms and getting into everything 
taking my moms dog and her cousin who is a little bit younger then her for a walk to go see rabbits {the rabbits are on the running trail behind m parents house and to get on the trail you walk way down the street and thats where they were heading when we found them}

 She LOves playing with the Triplets...She calls them her babies. {she asks about every other day if she can go she uncle D doggie and Aunt Juuuliee's babies} I have told her over and over that they are uncle Ben and aunt Jenny's babies she looks at me and yells NO!

 She really thinks her dad is the best thing on EARTH, when he leaves for work I get to hear her cry for about the first 5 min. NO DADDY NO DADDY NO WORK.. PLAY with ME!

 The other night she was so sad that her dad had to work ANOTHER night so we took him Ice cream and she was in heaven she kept telling Mark I am HAPPY! Daddy I am at your work I am HAPPY!




Bridget and Dustin said...

I'm glad your family is alive!! Love all the cute pictures. I hope Kaden is doing well. I keep them in my prayers.

Jeff and Stephanie said...

Annie - I'm so sad you were in HB and we didn't get to see you! I was down at the US Open almost everyday! Hope you had fun!

Brooke and Brett Martin said...

I wish I would have read all of this sooner Annie...
You are really such a great writer!
I miss chatting with you. how are you?? Hope all is well girlfriend.

tiffany knox said...

if you ever do go private my email is leave me yours too if you can! your daughter is so big now I cant believe its really been that long!

Nikki said...

Wow you have had the ups and downs. You and your family will be in our prayers. I want to be invited when you go private.