Monday, September 27, 2010

where do I start?

I have been MIA for a while now. Lets just say I am READY for 2010 to be over. The only GOOD that has come from this year is that Weston was born well ok and a lot more things :}

I am thinking about going private I have had a lot of things happen this past year and I am really NEEDING to write about it because hello this is my journal, Plus I am wanting to print this Someday!

well things I have missed out on:
* Aug. 8th was my 29th bday
*Aug.10th Ryker had his 2nd Bday and his party was at Papa's fire station
* Aug.12th 2010 marked a BIG 5 yeaRs for Mark and I
*Sept.16th Hudson and Nash were born.
at 24 weeks and 6 days!

I love the picture of Mark and I it was taken right after he asked the Big Question!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I want to win.....

Go over here to check out this LOVELY giveaway! I really need to win it! :) I have my eyes set on this beauty. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

weston's blessing

Sunday May 23rd 2010

Weston Finally got blessed! After all his health problems and going in and out of the hospital a couple times. We felt like it was the right time do have this little boy blessed! I mean come on he is ONLY 4 months old.
I am So grateful that we could do it at my parents house {So my dad could be there}and have all of are family and friends come to support us on Weston's big day! I am so grateful for a wonderful bishop to come and be part of his special day.

I am GRATEFUL to have a husband worthy to give our son his blessing Mark did AWESOME as always:
Some things that really stuck out to me that Mark said during the blessing:
* I bless you to grow up and be a HAPPY HEALTHY boy.
* Bless you to serve others you will find happiness and joy in serving others
* Blessed him to be HONEST in all his doings and to be a good examples to his brother and sister.
* He told him how much we loved him and how much Joy he has brought into are life.
* Talk about going on a mission and getting married in the temple one day.
* He blessed him to be a hard worker and give a 100% in ALL you do.
* Told him he comes from a STRONG family that loves him and he has lots of cousins and Aunts and Uncles that will look up to him and to stay strong in the gospel it will find him the most happiness.

Thank you Mark for all you do for our family and thank you for being the MAN of my DREAMS! Sometimes I think how did I get SOO LUCKY to have a AWESOME husband and an even better DADDY to my 3 babes.
"Life is good OH SOO GOOD"
I will post pix when I get them from my mother in law I am glad someone was thinking and brought a camera...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you Stephanie Nielson...

Sometimes, life with all of it's struggles and hardships can seem so unfair. Yet amongst all of the adversities of life is life itself. It's not so much what we get from life that is important but what we do with what we are given that truly defines who we are. Here is a perfect example of a beautiful lady {Stephanie Nielson} who radiated even before her accident but has become even more impressive since. Oh that we could all remember and appreciate her message every day of our lives. Her example is one of tender mercies, not only to her but for all of us that benefit from her example. So I would like to say THANK YOU Stephanie!

Happy Birthday BABE!!

Today my Sweet Hubby turned the big 31...
Here are a few things I love about Mark:
1. He is a hard worker
2. He loves to have a good time
3. He LOVES to go out to eat as much as I do:}
4. He is a good Husband and helps me out with the babes so much!
5. He is an AWESOME DADDY!
6. He just PASSED block ONE of Nursing school... He is done with school until Aug. So now he is Back working at the hospital FULL time!
Mark thanks for everything you do and everything you are I am one lucky girl! I got the BEST thing from you.. 3 Wonderful Kids.

For his Birthday we are heading over to the Happiest Place on Earth! Life has been none stop crazy the last couple months and so I am looking forward to a family trip and being together!

I can smell the OCEAN BREEZE NOW.........

Monday, May 17, 2010

home away from home

So it seems like Cardon's Childrens Hospital has been are home away from home.
Weston has been in the hospital twice. Once when he was one moth old and then a couple weeks ago,I was suppose to go to Utah with my SIL and her friend and a friend of mine, well lets just say my friend dogged out on me so I wasn't looking forward to being the 3rd wheel I KNOW my SIL wouldn't make it like that but still I was BUGGED! But then Poor little Weston gets sick and not breathing so GREAT so I spend my Utah days in the hospital with him. FUNNY how thing turn out, The staff there is AWESOME! I have to give a HUGE shout out to the nurse's that took care of my sweet boy. And a HUGE shout out to my friend Veronica the hospital is named after her dad and family:} Lets just say If my BABES need to go to the hospital that is where we will go.

Things are looking better for him he is breathing better now, still getting treatments every night and not throwing up all his feedings.

I AM GRATeful For my mother in law and Mom and Kami who helped out with the other kids so Weston didn't have to be alone down there. I am freakish about leaving my kids alone in the hospital. I mean I wont even go get something to eat unless my mom or Mark was in the room with him.
He will be 4 months on the 28th of this month and he is a BIG 11 pounds.. So we are working on the weight.

We are ready for the DARK cloud to leave our family.
May 12th my dad became CANCER FREE...
Our family has gone through a lot the last couple months but you know I wouldn't change it well yes I would I WISH uncle Norman was still here. I miss him so bad:{ Me and the kids went to my cousin Birthday Party {Milo} Norman's little boy and it was a party at there house, as we pulled up I just started to cry because It wasn't right us being there and Uncle Norm not there.
But his passing has brought our family very close and I am so grateful for that.

So I am Hoping May 12 2010 was a start of a new chapter for us, a chapter of GOOD things:}

Friday, May 7, 2010

Life is GOOD.... Oh SOO Good

Life is Good oh SO Good!
How am I so LUCKY to have 3 babes that are mine forever??

AND The BEST hubby that puts up with me and my CRAZY life

I am So Grateful for a Wonderful Mother and Mother in Law.
"Motherhood is a great blessing—
a blessing so valuable that it goes beyond this life and on into the eternities."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Graycee Layne....

dear Graycee Layne,

please stop coloring on everything in sight....
the computer screen
your princess toys
Rykers picture
the carpet
the love seat
your dora bike
the walls
Nana and Papa's walls
your body
Rykers body

Monday, March 29, 2010


One day we stepped on a roller

coaster that went from slow to

high speed with nothing in

between.... It's gonna be quite a ride so hang on tight it might be a while before we get off!

My life has been a roller

coaster the last couple of weeks.

It started off with finding out

my dad has cancer, which we

have already seen blessing in

this.My dad went home to

California the day he found

out and spent the weekend

with his brothers and sisters.

then we got the worst news

anyone should get. My uncle

Norman was murdered..Yes

Murdered!! I am in shock

then Weston got put into the

hospital.He was running a

fever of 102 and throwing up all his feedings.

we had to spend 2 days in the

hospital then we get out and

headed to california to be

with family....

It is hard to think of life

without Norman,but life has to

go on.. one of my cousin's said

it perfect "Our hearts may be

broken but our family never

will"... Norman was the COOL

uncle he had seen and done it


I Norman you or AKA.... I LOVE YOU

Today was a hard day for me,I think just being home and having time to think... It is finally starting to sink in. Graycee comes up to me and said "Mommy are you sad"? I said Yes I miss Uncle Norman so much. She said oh mommy he FINALLY made it to heaven! Don't Cry.

I guess I need to just hold on to what I believe and know that GOD does have a plan if I like it or NOT.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All you need is LOVE

Sunday we all got together at my mom and dad's house and HEART ATTACKED there bedroom.
It was a PERFECT way to show my dad that these little babes LOVE HIM and Nana so much!
My parents came home Monday to a nice little treat from there 15 grand babies!

We can get through anything with these cute kids......

Some Cute things some of the kids said in there letters:
Tuff: I wanna some cookies,I wanna fire truck
Tess: I wish I could bring you flowers
Braxton: when you get better I want to give you a turtle
Graycee: I like you because of your fire truck
Dayten: I love that you spend time with us when we come over to your house!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

can SUPERMAN really get sick?

Grandpa Schureman,dad and Graycee 2009Graycee and dad 2006 Graycee was wide awake just looking at him as he talked to her.
I LOVe this picture! This just shows how much of a daddy's girl I am... he has sat next to me during all my babes being born!
Mom,dad and Weston 2010
Ryker,Mom and dad 2008 I LOVE the look on my dads face... just so worried about Ryker

March 8th 2010
Is a day that changed my life FOREVER, It went something like this:
Monday's Mark doesn't have to be at school until 11 am so we TRY to get up early and eat together. Does it happen all the time NO,But we sure TRY!

This Monday was nothing special got up ate gave the 3 babes bathes and just enjoyed are time with daddy before he had to leave. The time came he had to leave we said are goodbyes and daddy got a THOUSAND kisses before he walked out the door! We like to kiss daddy a lot just in case while he is sitting in class he forgets how much we LOVE him he can remember all the kisses he got before he left.

He leaves I go into change diapers and about 2 seconds later Mark comes in and say"Annie are you dressed?" I said Yes why? Because your dad is here and would like to talk with us.

I come out to the family room and my dad and Mark are standing there My dad goes on to tell us He has been going to the doc. for the last couple weeks having his PSA numbers watched, He goes on to tell us they think he may have prostate cancer. I was SHOCKED! I just started crying and I mean crying hard,poor Graycee is looking up at us and says,Daddy why is mommy and Papa crying?? he told us what the next steps were. He was going that wed. to have some tests done to see if it was Cancer, well sure enough on Friday we found out that it is Cancer.
He goes in this wed. to have a full body scan done, This will tell us if it has left the prostate and from here they will make a game plan of what to do. The GOOD thing is this kind of Cancer is very treat able if it is still in the prostate. We are hoping they caught it early enough. Thank goodness he has yearly check ups with the fire dept.

My mind is going CRAZY.. Just like I am in a NIGHTMARE and I am waiting for someone to wake me up.

To me my dad is SUPERMAN I thought Superman never got sick??
I do know that what ever the outcome is we WILL GET THRU it!

Here is a poem I found on a blog that a girl wrote for her dad and when I read it awhile ago I just started to cry because this is how I feel about my dad.. and my HERO he will always be....

When I was just a little girl, There was nothing I could not do.

All I needed was Daddy's love, And all my dreams came true.

Something made you different, I knew that all along.

A young girls Perfect Hero, Who was always brave and strong.

You mended all my scratches, and healed my wounded heart.

A knight in shining armor, You always played the part.

Now that I am older, My hero you remain.

You’re still the hero who believes in me, But there has been a change.

You still take care of me when I'm hurt, And give advice to guide my soul.

But now I see it’s more than that, Without you my life just would not be whole.

Your example has replaced the armor, And leads me in all I do.

You taught me to rely on the Lord, And faith will guide me through.

You told me that God loves me, And he wants me to come home.

Christ suffered the Atonement, So I won’t have to try alone.

So how do you tell your Hero the feelings that run so deep,

When words can't possibly dictate, they just make the feelings cheap.

I guess the only answer is to say the best I can,

You are the Perfect Hero, You are the Greatest Man.

So to a little girls Knight in Armor, I hope that you can see,

My love for you is endless, And my Hero you'll always be!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

buddy and cowboy

when Ryker was born Graycee started calling Ryker buddy and it has just stuck! Then I had Weston and my dad was holding him the day he was born and said oh cowboy you are to cute. Now Weston has a nickname Graycee calls her brothers by there nicknames more then there REAL names.

we Also like to call Weston
JR. He is a twin to Mark's dad Mike.

I took some pictures of my kids yesterday to show how BIG Weston is getting.
He is over a month old and just hit 7 POUNDS! Way to go WES

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

weekend with my BABE

I have to give a BIG shout out to my MOTHER IN LAW for watching my 3 little babes,so I could have 2 PEACEFUL days with my LOVER

Mark had to do a bus trip up there so I was LUCKY enough to tag along. MArk has been gone A LOT lately with either school, work or more work he is ONE Busy guy! Thanks Mark for working so hard and still finding time to come home and be a GREAT
daddy. My favorite part of the day is when I hear your truck
pull up....

There are MANY days he walks in the door and I just start
going off about WHAT a DAY I have had with
our 3 little babes. He just listens and never complains I do enough of that for
ALL of us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jan.28th 2010

He is here...
Weston Steven Skousen
***** 5 pounds 12oz 19 inches
Born at 11:49 AM
I wasn't feeling to good ALL day on the 27th so at about 8 p
m I finally told Mark ok I think I need to go in and get checked out! We went and took the kids to Mark's parents house and off to the hospital we wen

After a couple of hours of watching me and TRYING to g
et an IV in me.. 6 times then they finally got it! DR. D finally said ok admit her. So at about 3 am I get into my labor room and the CRNA is in there ready to give me the best SHOT of my LIFE!!!!!

I was already at a 6 and I thought I going to DIE. She got the shot going and from there on out I was in HEAVEN!
I had called my parents when I first went in and I couldn't ge
t a hold of either of them.. So I was starting to freak out I was calling,texting,calling FINALLY about 4 am my mom answers the phone! I told her what was going on and told her I would let her know when things started to change, well about 45 mins later I had just got comfy in walks my mom and she says well it looks like we are having a baby today. Mark is DEAD asleep Snoring and ALL on the couch next to me.. looks up and looks at my mom like what is going on!
My mom is there to stay at 7 am they had shift change and my new nurse was RaKay from Idaho.. I have to say she was the BEST nurse I have ever had! When she came in she said ok we are going to get this baby down and ready to come out! So she had me sit special ways and oh my gosh did it help! SHE ROCKS!

Finally about 11 am Rakay said ok I am going to take my lunch real quick and when I come back we will have a baby. She left and about 11:15 in comes Donna who took over for RaKay and she said I want to check you because I cant get the baby heart rate well sure enough I was ready to go.. They called Dr. D and he was on his way.. THis baby was c
oming and coming Quick.
At about 1130 walks in my dad and Marks mom so we were ready to have a baby everyone was there!
With every contraction the baby was coming out more the nurse said if the Doc doesn't hurry he won't be here for the baby,because he is coming out and
coming out fast. Just then in walks the doc. he threw his stuff on and he said ok Annie give me a good push, Just as I started to push out comes WESTON! SCREAMING! It was the BEST LABOR I have ever been in. I told Mark gosh if I could have all m
y babes like this I would have 10 kids.. He didn't think that was funny!

WEston made his entrance at 11:49 am he is SOOO CALM.
WE are loving having a new baby around the house,the kids a
re in love and Graycee wants to feed him ALL the time.
I am so Grateful that Weston is healthy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weston Steven Skousen

We picked a name! I LOVE LOVE LOVE family names so we are going with family names!
Weston= is Mark's moms maiden name Steven= my dads name
I didn't get my way and get to name him Schureman but I LOVE Weston that is what I wanted to name Ryker,But it just didn't happen...

Dear Weston,
I went to my Dr. Appointment yesterday 1-26-2010 Dr. D told me I was dilated to about a 3 and should have you within the next 7 days, because of having contractions and being put into the hospital for 4 days at 28 weeks. Dr. D was very happy that we have made it this far with you! If I make it to my next Dr. Appointment he is going to strip my membranes, and that should help get things going! I have been having contractions all night off and on and today I am cleaning our house like a MAD WOMAN! So I have a feeling we wont be making it to next week.
I am so excited to FINALLY have you here with us. It has been a very hard pregnancy and it has given us A LOT of time to stop and think and be grateful for you.
Weston I want you to know we are so excited to have you part of our family and so glad you chose Mark and I to be your parents, Weston I want you to know I LOVE your daddy so much, I hope you grow up to be half the man he is. Your dad has been there for me through everything, he has held me at night when I was freaking out about having another kid so close in age to Ryker. He has given me MANY priesthood blessing giving me comfort that everything is going to be ok with you and that you will make your Grand entrance when you are ready . I am SOOO Grateful that your dad honors his priesthood and through him we can have peace that everything WILL work out the way the Lord wants it to be.
When I was put in the hospital at 28 weeks I thought for sure I was going to have you.... I was in A LOT of pain and nothing was working to stop my pain and contractions were every 2 mins right on top of each other.

Grammie had come down to visit and stayed for awhile which was so nice She left about 1030pm and thing had NOT lightened up, Now it was just Me, Daddy and Nana and Papa which Papa was suppose to be at the fire station but of course he came to be by my side. Just the way I like it!! I am a daddy's girl big time. Things are just better when my dad is there with me! Nana and Daddy had been taking turns staying with me at the hospital, I was NEVER left alone!
After Grammie left Daddy and Papa game me the BEST blessing All I remember from the blessing was daddy saying. We are ready and will take what ever Gods wants to happen and we have FAITH that this is gods will and if you are to be born today then we are ready for the fight.He blessed me to know you are a Special gift to us and to NEVER forget that! So as days have gone by and there are days that I don't think I can do it anymore and I want to be done being Prego, I just tell my self this is ALL worth it!
Weston we love you and can't wait for you to be here, I want to say Thank you for helping me remember what matters, and it is family. You have a sister and a brother who can't wait to hold you and love on you. Graycee asks me everyday is Goofy coming out today???...... That just might be your nickname she calls you!

I can't wait to hold you in my arms I LOVE you so MUCH
XoXoXO Mom

Friday, January 15, 2010

Goofy Steven Skousen......

****Here is a picture of my Baby belly I am holding my cute nephew Austin******
I am 36 weeks and we still have NO NAME for this cute little boy!
For me that is a hard thing because I LOVE to have my kids name picked out, I feel like I REALLY know them by the time they make there BIG entrance into this crazy family.

The other day I was at my parents house and I was talking with my dad about the baby and if we have a name picked out, I told him NO!!!!
Graycee was sitting next to us and leans over to my dad and says my babies name is GOOFY STEVENSKOUSEN! My dad was like oh GREAT THANKS! She has called him Goofy for a LONG time, Sorry Ms. G that isn't going to be his name.

Mark and I have a few names that we keep going back and forth but NOTHING set in stone and it is KILLING ME! if it was my way his name would be SCHUREMAN STEVEN SKOUSEN but EVERYONE keeps telling me NO! I just love it.. we know his middle name will be Steven for sure. I will keep you all posted on this baby boy. I could have him anytime, My other 2 kids came at 36 weeks so it is a waiting game! I can't wait to meet him and hold him in my arms. I have fought hard to keep him inside so he can grow! SO I am so excited the time is ALMOST here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was a GOOD one! Each one of us got spoiled this year by Santa he really really LOVES us!
Some highlights this year

Graycee making Gingerbread house with her Grammie! She LOVED the one on one with her Grammie she thought it was pretty cool. If anyone came over to our house Graycee would say do you want to see my Gingerbread house me and my Grammie made?

The Sunday before Christmas Mark had to work so on the Sundays he works we go to church with my parents, my dad was at the fire station so it was me and the kids and my mom. We are sitting in are seats listening to the choir sing and Graycee wants to go tell Dr. Ty Nana's friend Merry Christmas.. He is in my moms ward and he works at the same Dr. office my mom works at so she wanted to go say Hi and Merry Christmas! He is sitting 2 rows ahead of us and so goes up says "Merry Christmas" and hands him something..{ fruit loops} Then next thing I know she is sitting on his lap just talking away to him!
She comes back to us and said I told him HI! she climbs up on my moms lap and she is playing with a toy and being a very good girl! All of a sudden she looks up at my mom and says they are singing about baby Jesus?? My mom told her yes she said "Them know there where Bee's and Cows and pee and Poo in that Barn" It was funny but so sweet at the same time!

Christmas Eve we went to the Skousen Christmas party then headed over to my parents house to stay the night. As we were getting ready for Santa to come,My mom asked Graycee if you could have gone and seen Baby Jesus when he was born would you have gone? She said YES and I would help Married with him and Burp him for her....

As we were putting the cookies and milk out on the fire place Graycee was so worried Santa is going to burn his Butt. Papa please turn that fireplace off! So Papa did so Graycee would finally go to sleep!
Christmas Day
we woke up at 530 am to have Christmas with my mom and dad before my dad headed to the station...
Santa spoiled us with LOTS and Lots of gifts!

Then headed over and had breakfast with the Skousen Family! Graycee was so excited to show her Uncle D her new blankie...
Then opened more gifts!

Graycee kept asking for a rocking horse, she never said anything about it Christmas morning then the other day we were at the temple lights with Marks family and Brent asked her What did Santa bring you? She said Not a Rocking horse...:{

Maybe if she would have not waited to ask Santa for a rocking horse 2 days before Christmas... I told her he can't make one that fast he is coming in 2 days!

Ryker loved Christmas well he loved the wrapping paper!

Then to end the day we went to the fire station and ate dinner with my dad and all the fire fighters! The kids got to play with there new toys.. It was a FUN FILLED DAY
We are SO BLESSED for everyone in our life!