Thursday, December 31, 2009

Graycee turns 3

Dear Graycee,
Happy Birthday sweet Girl! {Dec. 23 2006} It is a day that I will NEVER forget it changed my life FOREVER.
Graycee I want you to know your dad and I couldn't wait for you to join OUR FAMILY. I have DREAMED about being a MOM for a long time. Just ask anyone that knew me when I was a little girl I LOVED LOVED LOVED babies!

It started out I was sick and up all night with the flu or something the night before. I didn't want to wake up your dad so I went into the family room and the extra bedroom and TRYED to get comfy. That only lasted SO long around 2 Am your dad came in and asked if I was ok I told him I was sick I told him I would be fine just go back to sleep. He had to be at work at 7 am so I didn't want him to be up with me all night. Around 2:30 am I was freezing so I got into the shower and oh my that felt so good,HOT HOT shower! finally about 45 min later I get out still freezing and puking my brains out. Your dad says come on I am going to take you to the hospital you are not keeping anything down. So Finally about an hour later I had had enough and said ok lets go in. I was sitting in the car and out comes your daddy with the baby car seat. I said what are you doing they are going to send us home I am only 36 weeks along and he said you never know. Gosh was he right you never know what is going happen! So I make the phone call to Nana and Papa,Papa answer the phone half asleep I asked him to let Nana know we were going to the hospital and I would keep them posted!

I got checked in and they said you were ok but they wanted to give me some fluids because I was so sick,they asked me to move rooms and asked if I would be able to walk and I said yes. So we are walking into a new room and just before I sit down my water breaks!! I didnt want to tell the nurse so I say babe is this my water that just broke?? He started to laugh and said YES! he went and got the nurse. Needless to say we had a change of plans real quick!

As I am waiting to get put into a room to have you, Uncle Travis had brought Aunt Corree in she was only 20 weeks along and she was having contractions....

About an hour later Uncle Travis called Nana and told her the game plan... They were going to watch Aunt Corree and the baby and I was going to be having a baby today. Nana Freaked out and said what are you talking about?? He said ya Annie is down here and is having a baby today!! Well Papa forgot to tell Nana I was going in to get checked out.

Uncle Travis had found someone to come and stay with his kids so Nana could leave and come down and be with us at the hospital!

The nurses started me on some drugs to get my contractions going.... I was moving along and thought I was going to have you by mid afternoon, around 9 AM Talan was born! Around 9 my contractions were going really really strong and at that point they just stopped! Corree and I both have the same Doc. So he is in there room then coming in and checking on me.. It reminded me of FAther of the Bride. I mean we couldn't even make this kinda thing up! Well needless to say I like to think you wanted to stay up with Talan a little bit longer! So around 9PM you made your grand entrance into this Crazy Fun filled world! In the room was your daddy Nana and Papa and Grammie and Papa! Just the way I had wanted it!

It was a very happy day for your Dad and I. Around midnight after everyone had left Uncle Travis had come in to meet you! It was so nice to see him and just Cry! He told me something that I will never forget, he told me "Annie be HAPPY she is healthy and Corree and I are going to be ok we have 3 HEALTHY kids at home."

Later that night Aunt Corree and her Mom came in and just held you!
I look at it as Travis,Corree and your dad and I we share you! Dec. 23rd is a day that forever changed us!

I remember the first night you were born, the nurse came in to check on me and your dad was in a chair next to me Snoring away! The nurse said you would think he has had a HARD day today...:} I kept waking your daddy up asking him is she breathing ok?? He would roll over take a look and say yes Honey she is FINE!

Dec 24th 2006
It was Christmas Eve they took you that morning to do your ear testing and when they brought you back to us you were wrapped in a HUGE red stocking! It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. That night your dad went to the Skousen Christmas party so Nana came down and held you while I slept!

Dec. 25th 2006 YOu got to come home!! It was so weird driving in the car with a baby in the back seat. I had never seen your dad drive so slow in my life.

YOu are a big 3 years old now and I have never written down my feeling about the day you were born to YOU!
Graycee I want you to know we love LOVE you so much and are GRATEFUL you part of our family for FOREVER! YOu are the BEST BIG sister. You are so sweet to Ryker and he adores you,he thinks you are so funny!

I can't wait for your new little brother to come in a couple weeks! YOu are like your mommy and love babies!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl~ XoXo
Love, Mom

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lacey Bridal Shower...

I WISH SOOOO Bad I have pictures to go along with my cute little story of Graycee! But oh well I wasnt that with it last night to remember the present and Graycee and a camera!

Last night was Lacey my SOON to be sister in law! YAY I can't wait Brent you did WELL! Bridal shower,It was so much fun had fun visting with Family and eating GREAT FOOD! that is always my favorite. And chasing Graycee around the Christmas tree or trying to stop her from kissing BABY AUSTIN.. "But mom he LOVES me and wants kisses yes Graycee but he is SLEEPING it's oK MOM!"

So the next thing I know she is sitting on Lacey lap being the BIG helper that she is and opening her presents! She was in Heaven. Lacey gets this really CUTE PINK box from VS!! YAY the fun stuff.. LAcey opens it and Graycee yells oh that is a Cute dress Aunt LAcey! haha oh man how I love that girl!

I finally get everything rounded up to leave and we are walking to are car after sittting on the porch swing picking the very pretty GREEN grass and smelling it we are in the car. She says mom I love uncle Brent he is Funny I said ya he is she said we watched a movie about animals together and he laughed.. Then I told him I have to go uncle Brent I have to go to Aunt Lacey party and you CAN"T come!! he was sad mom...

She told me on the Drive home MOm is would be GREAT if we would just go say HI to Grammie and papa before we go home.. They miss me! I said Graycee you were just with Grammie and she said ya but it would be GREAT if we went to there house!!! I told her another night she said ok mom......

Mark gets home and she runs up to Mark and says dad I went to Aunt Lacey Party and you and Ryker couldnt come. MArk said ya it was just for girls she said ya and Aunt Lacey got LOTS and LOTS of cute dresses!!! Mark just laughted and said I BET she did!
Man I love this little girl so much I am grateful for the time I have with her and I am SOOO LUCky that MArk works hard so I can stay home and be a MOM! It is hard some days but I am so GRATEFUL that I get to be a stay at home MOM!

Monday, December 7, 2009

where has the time gone????

Ok I think it is about time I update my blog.... Our life has been filled with lots of ups and down the last couple of months but we are here and doing well.

Highlights from the last couple of months......
1. We are expecting another baby{BOY} due in Feb. this baby
thinks he wants to come out now so I am on Bed rest until I can get my conctractions under contr
ol or until I hit 32 weeks what ever comes FIRST!

2. We spent Thanksgiving in California with Family.
3. We have gone to DISNEYLAND a couple times I LOVE having season passes they are
the BEST!
4. Graycee and Ryker have another Cousin.. Austin * Graycee Just loves looking at him and holding him and giving him LOTS of kisses. She calls him BABY KADEN every baby that we see she says oh BABY Kaden.

5. BAby Kaden Finally got to come home from the hospital after 4 months of the NICU. Graycee got to look at him thru there window and how excited she was that Baby Kaden wasn't in the hospital any more. The night she got to she him she said oh He is at Rusty's house now not the Hospital....
6. Mark FINALLY got into Nursing school he starts JAn at PHX College, I am so excited for this new chapter in our life. I will be a single mom with 3 kids for the next 2 years.. But it will ALL BE WORTH IT in the end.

Nov 30th Kaden Fife passed away :{
I am so grateful that Jacquie and Rusty let us be apart of his life. His Lungs were not that great so Kaden didn't get to go out much and meet alot of people. I am grateful for the times Mark and I had with him the Hospital visits or the nights we played games! I am glad I got the chance to sit and hold him one night I held him for about an hour and he just Smiled at his AUNTIE A gosh he really did LOVE me I know it!!
It is amazing to me how I have had 3 little babies a pound or less come into my life and how they have ALL 3 taught me more about life then alot of others. I am Grateful for 2 healthy kids and as I sit here on Bed rest keeping this baby in I know that if I do what I can for this baby everything will turn out the way the LORD wants it to be.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

we are alive and well.....

OK I know I am going private SOMEDAY when I get around to it.

We have been busy with just NORMAL life things,the kids are getting so Big. This morning I was laying in bed thinking about Rusty and Jacquie and there cute little baby boy KADEN. He was born yesterday at 24 weeks he has a long road ahead of him but he is a FIGHTER............. 
Thinking about what the future holds for them It just took me back to the time when Ryker was born and had to spend a week and half in the NICU. GOSH that is NOTHING,  And how grateful I was to have my mom down at the hospital EVERYDAY with me ALL day long so Mark could work and to be there for ME....... I was feeding Ryker breakfast this morning and lets just say you would NEVER know he was in the NICU. He is my SCHUREMAN BABY! 

 I LOve that he is a happy smiling baby and he LOVES his mom and dad. He thinks we are the GReatest thing ever. If I am having a bad day I can always count on Ryker to  just give me that look and a BIG HUGE smile that just MELTS my heart!

 Graycee is getting so big and LOVES Ryker...She thinks she is his mother. Let me just say I KNOW why they call it terrible TWOS! 
 Graycee is ALOT like me,she knows what she likes and knows what she wants and NOTHING stops her. 
her mmm{which is Lipgloss...her favorite one is nana mac long lasting  lipgloss}
Playing in bathrooms and getting into everything 
taking my moms dog and her cousin who is a little bit younger then her for a walk to go see rabbits {the rabbits are on the running trail behind m parents house and to get on the trail you walk way down the street and thats where they were heading when we found them}

 She LOves playing with the Triplets...She calls them her babies. {she asks about every other day if she can go she uncle D doggie and Aunt Juuuliee's babies} I have told her over and over that they are uncle Ben and aunt Jenny's babies she looks at me and yells NO!

 She really thinks her dad is the best thing on EARTH, when he leaves for work I get to hear her cry for about the first 5 min. NO DADDY NO DADDY NO WORK.. PLAY with ME!

 The other night she was so sad that her dad had to work ANOTHER night so we took him Ice cream and she was in heaven she kept telling Mark I am HAPPY! Daddy I am at your work I am HAPPY!



Friday, May 1, 2009

I am going Private........

Hey guys it is that time again........ I am going private AGAIN if you would like to follow our exciting life please leave me your email and I will add you!!! Annie

 This will happen on May 10th 2009!


Monday, March 30, 2009

New item selling at Paris Layne......

*Jirzey Schureman***
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We had an open house on Saturday March 7th down at the salon. It was a good turn out I would like to thank EVERYONE that helped out to make this happen and for everyone that came to show there support.
We now have are blog up and running so we thought we would do a FREE GIVEAWAY!
 we are asking everyone to put are salon blog on your blog  and after you do so go onto are salon blog and in the comment section please but your Full name and you will be enter into a drawing for a FREE CUT*COLOR*STYLE we will be picking 2 people on March 3oth.
If you are picked we will post it on your blog! Thanks for helping spread the word about our Salon. 
 We also have a cute BOUTIQUE in the salon.......
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 All three buyers also do CUSTOM orders!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

boxer puppies for sale

WE have 3 FEMALE FLASHY FAWN boxers left!
 I need to sell them ASAP! 
 email me if you want more info!

they are kennel trained and love kids!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A day of LOVE

Valentines 2009
 I have to say it was my best holiday yet! The day was perfect, we started out the day by going flying with Papa around Mesa. It was Graycee's first time flying and she LOVED I mean LOVED it.. We went by fountain hills and the fountain was going off and she yelled WOW PAPA!!!
 Ryker stayed with Grammie and helped her bake all morning.

 After flying we went to lunch at one of are favorites Red Robin with Grammie and Papa.
 it was very nice to just sit and visit. Graycee and Ryker were so good during lunch which sometimes is a surprise!!
 After leaving lunch we went to go put some flowers on Jett's grave. Let me just tell you  that was the place to be. That place was busy!!!!

 We then headed home to start dinner,we invited are friends and family over for dinner and games.It was A LOT of fun,I need a night like that like every other week.....

 For dinner we made 
Heart shaped meatloaf
pink potatoes
red slush punch
ice cream,pie,cake,cookies,candy

 After dinner we played games and sat around and LAUGHED A LOT!! Thanks guys for the fun night!!!

 It was a fun Valentines!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jett Allen Schureman

I am back once again! Gosh I feel like I just updated my blog but by the look of things It has be some time.......

 Well it happened again.... Travis and Corree lost another baby. The same problems as before Corree's water started to leak at 20 weeks they put her on bed rest in the hospital. A couple days later she started to have contractions and Sunday Jan. 11th 2009 Jett Allen Schureman was born.
 He only lived for a little while,but Travis and Corree were there with him and just held him.
 I am so GRATEFUL that Travis and Corree let us see him and HOLD him. He was PERFECT he looked just like Griffin.
 I am so Grateful for the gospel and to KNOW that we WILL be with Talon and Jett again someday,oh what a GREAT DAY that will be.

  We had the Service on Jan.16th 2009 at the Mesa Cemetery. 
It was so nice to see so MANY people there for Travis and Corree.
 It made my heart break when Travis was carrying Jett's Casket. Nobody should have to do that.To see a dad holding his sons casket just broke my heart. 
 like I said before I KNOW we will be with both of them again,but it doesn't make it easier or make your heart NOT ache for those babies.

 Mark and I went to the Temple with Rusty and Jacquie a couple days after Jett passed away,I had so much peace and I felt Talon and Jett there. The feeling was so strong it was nice to go to a place and have some peace. I have being holding A LOT in the last couple of months and it was good to go and spend some good Quality time with Mark with NO KIDS!!!!
 I am so Grateful for Mark and the GREAT husband he is,I am glad he was raised by GOOD parents and great brother and sisters!
 I am Grateful for my family and to everyone that send there love to us during this hard time.

 update on my kiddos

 we just went to the doc for ryker's 5 month check up he is 99% in his height and weight
 Graycee went for her 2 year check up and she is right in the middle for everything!!!

 they both are so fun and I am so glad to have them for eternity!!!! I love being there MOM!