Saturday, November 29, 2008

where has the time gone????

I have MAJOR updating to do for this great little blog of mine.Where has the time gone?I swear I just posted YESTERDAY!

*Girls trip to Cali
 *Dads birthday party at the fire station
* Family night {Making Sprinkles cupcakes}
*Ryker's Blessing
*Training for a half marathon
*Mark broke his finger
*Ryker got ok from the doc to get his tongue clipped
* Ryker is healthy little boy he is in the 95%  range for his age.. I have myself a little linebacker
*Graycee is happy as ever she is Rykers second mother!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov. 18th 2008

Lorin passed away this evening,{11-18-08} he was surrounded by family and friends who loved him dearly. He made a great impression on everyone he ever came in contact with. 
I am asking for everyones help PLEASE run in the London's Run this year. WE will be running for Lorin and all the money we raise is going to the Merkley family!!
for more info on Lorin and the run go to Or

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks SARA!

I haven't done one of these oh so popular posts so I think it's about time to...
SARA and I 1991

AND 1999


Sunday, October 26, 2008

3 little babies healthy as can be!

Congrats to My brother in law and sister in law Ben and Jenny McDowell.
 They had there triplets today, they are ALL doing  very well.Tatum the little girl had to be put on oxygen but is going to be ok. 
The babies are here - born at 1:25 (Tatum), 1:27 (B) and 1:27 (C)! 30 fingers and 30 toes - all healthy. Tatum weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces (the girl) and the twin boys B and C (still working on names) were 4 pounds 3 ounces and 3 pounds 13 ounces respectively.
 we are so excited for them and can't wait to hold them. Graycee and Ryker can't wait to meet there new cousins!

Monday, October 13, 2008


 I am so grateful to be a MOTHER, I Know I am so LUCKY to be able to have children .
Today I played outside with Graycee in the nice weather while Ryker was sleeping.Now Graycee is taking her afternoon nap yes she still takes 2 naps she LOVES her sleep......... I am just sitting here blogging and singing to Ryker..He is just smiling at me!! { he is HAPPY as long as someone is holding him and giving him all the attention.}  
Ryker is 2 months now and lets just say it has had it's bumps in the road but I am so GRATEFUL that he is doing better and GROWING everyday!  His nurse came to our house the other day and he weighed a little over 11 pounds!  If you saw him you would never guess he had to spend a week in the nicu.

 Graycee is LOVING being a BIG sister. She really does help ALOT I ask her to get me diapers or wipes she goes right in and gets them for me, along with other things that she thought I might need .
  If Ryker is crying which is ALOT Graycee comes up and says oh buddy! She loves to hold him and touch his face,but when she is done she just pushes him away. 
 I am SO grateful that Mark works so hard so I can stay home and raise our children!  Mark is such a great dad. Graycee is in LOVE with her daddy! It just melts my heart when I see Mark with our kids. It just make me fall in love with him all over again. 
 Mark It has been a FUN ride so far and we only have eternity left!!

   Here are some fun pictures I took of the kids today! 
 Graycee 20 months 
 Ryker 2 months

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Julie!!

Dear Julie,
We just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have a fun filled day! Thanks for being such a fun Aunt we love you!!  Love Graycee and Ryker

   Happy Birthday Jules we love ya lots Mark and Annie!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008




Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ryker is a MONTH old.......

I have no idea where the time has gone Ryker turned a month on Sept. 10th................ Gosh it doesn't seem possible.

 This might sound crazy but it was a fast but LONG month. Ryker is doing well he is growing everyday he is my chubby little guy. He eats every 2 hours and acts like he has never had food before!

  Next week his Nurse is coming out to see how he is doing, so I will keep you updated on that. 
  Graycee is LOVING being a big sister she is a big helper!! She is doing A LOT better than I thought she would be. Crazy how time flies she isn't a baby anymore. Last night we stopped and picked up some dinner and we are driving away and CLEAR as can be she says "I WANT FRENCH FRY" YA I just started to laugh... She really is MArk's daughter he LOVES french Fries... Way to go BABE!!!
 Here are some photos I took the other day,Graycee saw her PRETTY SKIRT hanging up and freak out to wear it.So me being me I gave in to what she wanted story of my life!  Mark gets so mad when I give in to her. I just hate to hear her whine it drives me CRAZY!  so I took some pictures of her dancing in her as she calls it her PRETTY!

 Then Mark came home and she wanted a picture with him it was so cute! No worries Mark you still look HOT in your work clothes!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guess WHO? Leave a POST Please!!!

1968...don't they look great?  
A match made in heaven..
do you know who they are?
Leave a comment, take a guess....
Just give it your BEST!
You guys look Cool... Stay in School! 


Sunday, August 17, 2008


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here are a few pictures of the last week!

Ryker Weston Skousen

Ryker Weston Skousen is here!
He was born on Sunday Aug. 10th at 11:48 pm I went into the hospital about 11 am so it went alot faster with him then it did with Graycee.
He was only 36 weeks so his lungs weren't strong enough so he has had to be in the NICU for a week! Ryker had a feeding tube in because he couldn't breath very well when he would eat.
He couldn't breath on his own so he was hooked up to all kinds of stuff!
We are all home now, it is sure nice to be HOME!!
I just want to say THANK YOU for all the great people in our life that have called came down to the hospital and have watched Graycee so MArk and I could be by Ryker side while he was in the NICU.
I am sorry for not being very good at returning phone calls last week, My life was kinda all a blur that week!!!
Ryker is doing better, his breathing still isn't a 100% but is much better then it was.
He is such a sweet baby and I am glad he is finally here!
Graycee has been having a VERY hard day today. Good thing Nana has been here to save the DAY!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

count down!

 The count down has started... I am a month away from having  little Ryker BOY!
 I am so excited I just can't wait to hold him on my arms. He is a lot more active in my stomach then Graycee was so it will be fun to see what he is like!!! 

 Graycee is doing well getting so big way to fast!
 she is into climbing  on EVERYTHING she can and that little girl has a TEMPER! 
  Graycee is talking a lot and says just about anything you ask her to say.
 the words for the week are:
  when she wakes up in the morning she calls everyones name until somebody comes and gets her. It is so cute to just listen to her talk!

 Life is great! 

 Here are some fun pictures I have taken and to my friends that want to see a belly picture here you go!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marlee is ONE!

My creation
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Happy Birthday Sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Marlee!!

 Today Marlee is ONE!! 
Happy birthday sweet girl we love you so much! Last night we met my parents and Dusty and Marlee and Braxton at peter piper for dinner. So we turned it into a little b day party with pizza,salad, and cupcakes. After we ate we played ALOT of games!!! It was a nice night hanging out with Dusty and his kids! We love you Marlee girl happy birthday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

night with Grammie and Papa

Last night Mark and I went on a fun date with Rusty and Jackie! 
 Graycee got to stay with Grammie and Papa while we went out, she always has so much fun over at there house.  She went Swimming with Grammie and read books her two favorite things to do. She loves there house cause she can just play outside and run around all there grass they have. She loves to go out to there garden with Papa. There neighbors have horses and she gets so excited to see them. 
   Thanks so much for watching her she loves it when she goes to Grammie and Papa's house
 Graycee is starting to repeat anything you say!  Her word for the week are:
 and she still LOVES to say PUPPIES

She walk around the house saying MARK! 
 Here are some pictures of here swimming and just being silly eating cake!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Graycee Layne

Graycee Layne
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Here are some cute pictures I have taken of Graycee. The other night I came into the family room and I found my dad a Graycee asleep! She is really asleep with a BIG SMILE on her face!!!
Graycee loves when Nana reads books to her!
Graycee new words for the week are
YELLING! she loves her voice she talk all day long!

Every morning when she wake up she yells down the hall to my parents bedroom NANA!! PAPA
she loves weekends when everyone is home.

Monday, July 14, 2008

summer time

 Where in the world has the time gone? I swear I feel like I just posted on this thing!! I guess I am the worst blogger out there. I promised a good friend of mine that I would do a NEW post by last week ok I know I am a little behind.... but what the heck here I go!      My life has been busy with Summer vacations,work,Graycee,Swimming,Work,  doctor appt. swimming,  lots of cousin play time!!! and oh ya I can't forget WORK! 

   We have gone on a few trips this summer so far. We started off the summer by going to Alaska in a BUS. Yes you read it right a BUS! we drove from Az to Homer Alaska! We did a big family trip 2 buses filled with lots of Aunts and uncles and cousins. We had a blast and Graycee did great! She got sick while we were out on the road but over all she did great. I am so glad we had the chance to do such a fun thing. Thanks to everyone that planned the trip. I hope we do it again! 

 Second Trip was to Oceanside Cali. with Mark's family! We stayed at the Porter's beach house right by the water. It was PERFECT!! I didn't want to come home. We missed Julie,Dustin and John and Michelle and Ben. It was nice to just wake up and go to the beach all day. Graycee was in HEAVEN she is like her daddy and papa  she LOVES the water. The waves were big and she would just run straight to the water and get hit by the waves and come up and just laugh... The weather was perfect! At night we would play games and sit around and talk and laugh.    

 Third Trip was to Pinetop for the 4th of July! Travis and his kids were up there and they called and said come up here. So we did we left that night at 1030 and drove up to pinetop! 
  It was nice to get out of the heat. The only bad thing was Mark got really sick while we were there, but he still came along and did everything with us. Friday morning we went to the Showlow parade and the kids were in heaven Graycee loved the fire trucks and the horses. We then ran into some friends and we went and hung out at there new cabin!! It is Beautiful! Thanks Jas and Reg for having us over.  We then went back to the cabin and took naps so we would be ready for the big fire work show in Showlow!!!  We went to the school in showlow and watched the show it was fun to be with family and friends! Saturday we just hung out at the cabin all day then that night we headed back to the good ol valley. Before we left we did stop and watch some car races in Showlow!  Lets just say a place I wouldn't mind  never going to AGAIN!!  but a great place to people watch if you like doing that!
   I have been working a lot these days we are having an open house at the salon in Aug. So we have been trying to get ready for that. 
  I put Graycee in Swimming lessons with my friend Shelley!  Lets just say I am so GLAD I did she is a little fish. So it has been nice to watch her learn how to grab the side in case she is to ever fall in.  Which She did the other day while me and my friend Bridget went swimming. It freaked me out! But she did grab the side. So a BIG thanks to SHELLEY!!!

   I am still prego and Fat as it comes! I am going to the doctor all the time it seems.  I am just ready to have this baby already, I know I have a little while. My last appt. the doc. said I am measuring about 2 weeks bigger then my due date.  So we will see what happens I did have G 3 and half weeks early so I am hoping for that again!!  But I swear he is a mover at night he goes crazy.

 We have spent A lot of time with cousins, which is ALWAYS FUN. Mark and I watched Travis and Corree kids while they were in Hawaii. It was fun to have that one on one time with there kids. One night I was making dinner and Kenadee asked if she could help me and I said YES! So she is helping me and out of the blue she says you know what I want to be when I grow up Auntie A?  I said no what?? A MOTHER!!  I almost died I think that is the cutest thing. After Staying out at there  house I told Mark I want to be a better Mom. Corree just has it all together! She is an Awesome mom,   her kids all say there prayers together, she is so freaking  ORGANIZED it makes me sick!   she has a list of all  her spices for crying out loud! she has food storage for everything!  I hope I can be more like her with my life and kids! 

 We all got together one night for  Braxton's Birthday Party at my parents house.  It was fun to  be together and let the kids just play! Thanks Mom and Dad for having a party it sure was a fun night!!!  All Graycee cared about the entire night was holding Marlee!
  That has been are life in a nut shell this summer so far! 
  are families are all growing 
  Marks sister Michelle is having a boy the end of July.
    Marks sis Jenny is having triplets 2 boys 1 girl  in Dec. 
   My brother Trent is having another baby in Jan. 

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bead Party

hey girls!
 I know this is so LAST MIN. 
My sister in law is having a Bead party TONIGHT at her house.   at 7 PM
 It is going to be ALOT of fun I hope you can all make it.  

  There will be pre made stuff there or if you would like you can make your own. So it's nice if you only want to spend al little bit of money then you can make something with that amount of money!  
  oh ya if you have friends that would like to come then bring them as well! 
  Email me at  if you need more info or call me if you have my number!! Hope to see you all tonight it is going to be so much FUN!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

fun pictures!

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Here are some photos of the last couple of months!
of the FUN things we have been up to.

Fun times

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks I don't even know where the time has gone.

    We sold one of the puppies to some friend, So we have 4 left 2 boys and 2 girls if you guys know any one that is looking to buy a paper Boxer puppy.
 I had a little moment the other day where I had to go into the hospital! My back has been hurting for a couple of days didn't think anything of it  Wed I woke up about 430 Am and I couldn't go back to sleep my back was KILLING me. In the morning I called my doc. he told me to go into labor and delivery  so I could get checked out.. After a LONG wait of doing every test possible an ultra sound tech. that freaked me out by asking me 4 times if I have had any Trauma with this baby or if I have had anything wrong with my cervix before? Me telling her No to everything!! She said well we will give the report to the doc. then let you know what is going on! oh great I starting crying thinking everything was going WRONG something was BAD. to top it off Mark was in Cali.   

  Well come to find out there is nothing wrong with the baby he is healthy and happy moving like crazy. But how ever I did pass a kidney stone. That is why my back was hurting so BAD!
 we have got to spend a lot of time with family the last couple of days. My mom watched Marlee the other night why Dusty took Braxton to the baseball game. Graycee was in heaven having a baby here. All I can say is I am going to die when Ryker comes because Graycee is the BEST helper and has to be right there helping do EVERYTHING!  We did get some really cute pictures of the girls..
  So that has been my week in a NUT shell! I hope everyone had a Great Mother's day! I know I sure did I am so grateful for Mark and everything he does for ME and for our family! he Spoiled me :}

 We did are yearly trip down to Rocky Point with Mark's family! It was a blast like always, But we did miss all the sibling that couldn't make it. Graycee loves I mean LOVES the ocean she would cry when it was time to come up to camp!
  The weather has been nice so we have played in the water a lot and played at the park 2 of Graycee's favorite thing to do! she  says "OUTSIDE"  all day long.. that child would live out there if I let her.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yesterday my boxer gave birth to 5 cute puppies!
2 male and 3 female!
if you know anyone that wants to buy a CKC boxer let me know! Here is a picture I took yesterday, Sorry it's not the best picture of the pups.
Graycee is in HEAVEN all she wants to do is LOOK at the puppies all day long! good thing they are in the laundry room and I have a child gate up!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We found out what we are having today!!! It is a BOY! Mark and I are so excited well I think Mark is a little bit more excited then me!  He finally is going to have his BOY! we are going to name him  Ryker Weston Skousen.  I am so excited to buy something BLUE, I mean I know they don't sell a lot of cute BOY clothes but what the heck. I am excited because my sister in law is having a boy the end of July. So they will be close in age.  

  That's my good NEWS for the week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hello to all my BIG fans out there! I just wanted to say hi and tell everyone I am still in the 
 blogging world......
   Some fun things we have been doing......
   I started a salon with my good friend Sara Dewitt {Crosby}  That has been fun in its self!
   Graycee is now going to a babysitters a couple days a week, I was missing her so bad today I started crying in the car. I went and pick her up early! Mark got a good laugh out of me crying. 

    Easter was a BIG hit! Me parents made a HUGE dinner and the Easter bunny came in the morning and put eggs all over the back yard for Graycee she LOVED it! Dinner was so fun we did something a little different this year we invited some of are good family friend over for dinner. Some of my brothers and there family couldn't make it so we invited FRIENDS over. Thanks Mom and Dad for the great meal I know you BOTH work so hard on making that day perfect! And thanks so much for the Family basket we all love it! thanks Farrell's and Merrell's and Marks parents and Brent  for coming and hanging out with us. It was a perfect DAY eating and sitting around the fire just talking! My Daughter has a BIG CRUSH on Jason Farrell! I have taught her WELL!
 Graycee had the chance to have a fun day at the Park with her cousins!
 My Mom had Braxton and Marlee the  Saturday before Easter so we went to the park and Played Graycee was in heaven and Griffin was there so Brax and Griff were in heaven playing together. My mom and I just sat on the nice cool grass and got to love on Marlee she is so cute! She looks just like Dusty! She is a Happy happy baby. It was a perfect day to just play! 

   we just had all my dad's brothers out here from Cali for 3 days!  The boys went golfing for 3 days in a row! That doesn't sound fun to be but I guess they had a blast. 
 Corree had Bunko one night so Travis and his kids came over to hang out. It was fun to once again sit around the fire and listen to all the funny stories my uncles all have to tell!  

   Well for the Last BIG news! I get to find out what I am having on April 15Th. Everything I have done is telling me I am having a BOY?? So lets take a guess what do you think BOY or GIRL?? this is for my Best friend Bridget.. The heart beat was 143?????? so who knows!