Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jan.28th 2010

He is here...
Weston Steven Skousen
***** 5 pounds 12oz 19 inches
Born at 11:49 AM
I wasn't feeling to good ALL day on the 27th so at about 8 p
m I finally told Mark ok I think I need to go in and get checked out! We went and took the kids to Mark's parents house and off to the hospital we wen

After a couple of hours of watching me and TRYING to g
et an IV in me.. 6 times then they finally got it! DR. D finally said ok admit her. So at about 3 am I get into my labor room and the CRNA is in there ready to give me the best SHOT of my LIFE!!!!!

I was already at a 6 and I thought I going to DIE. She got the shot going and from there on out I was in HEAVEN!
I had called my parents when I first went in and I couldn't ge
t a hold of either of them.. So I was starting to freak out I was calling,texting,calling FINALLY about 4 am my mom answers the phone! I told her what was going on and told her I would let her know when things started to change, well about 45 mins later I had just got comfy in walks my mom and she says well it looks like we are having a baby today. Mark is DEAD asleep Snoring and ALL on the couch next to me.. looks up and looks at my mom like what is going on!
My mom is there to stay at 7 am they had shift change and my new nurse was RaKay from Idaho.. I have to say she was the BEST nurse I have ever had! When she came in she said ok we are going to get this baby down and ready to come out! So she had me sit special ways and oh my gosh did it help! SHE ROCKS!

Finally about 11 am Rakay said ok I am going to take my lunch real quick and when I come back we will have a baby. She left and about 11:15 in comes Donna who took over for RaKay and she said I want to check you because I cant get the baby heart rate well sure enough I was ready to go.. They called Dr. D and he was on his way.. THis baby was c
oming and coming Quick.
At about 1130 walks in my dad and Marks mom so we were ready to have a baby everyone was there!
With every contraction the baby was coming out more the nurse said if the Doc doesn't hurry he won't be here for the baby,because he is coming out and
coming out fast. Just then in walks the doc. he threw his stuff on and he said ok Annie give me a good push, Just as I started to push out comes WESTON! SCREAMING! It was the BEST LABOR I have ever been in. I told Mark gosh if I could have all m
y babes like this I would have 10 kids.. He didn't think that was funny!

WEston made his entrance at 11:49 am he is SOOO CALM.
WE are loving having a new baby around the house,the kids a
re in love and Graycee wants to feed him ALL the time.
I am so Grateful that Weston is healthy!


Becky porter said...

I am soo happy for you Annie!! I am so glad everything went so good, now the fun begins with 3 kids. I have dr. Dowswell too and I absolutely love that guy!! he is the best. he has delivered all of my babies and I couldnt ask for a better doctor. I would love to gt together sometime and catch up.

Chad and Amanda said...

Congratulations he is so cute! I'm so glad everything went so easy for u.

Rusty and Jacquie said...

where is the cute pic of Aunt Jacquie and Uncle Rusty!!? J/K so cute. so happy for you two!

Lacey Lou Who said...

He is the cutest! I love that little guy! Congrats you two!

Kristy Treible said...

Yay to a cute healthy baby! I am so sad I missed you this weekend at Kami's! Next time right?? Oh wait Cali right?? Lets make it happend! Can't wait to catch up with you! Congrats on your sweet baby!

Anonymous said...
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The Cluffs said...

Congrats to you guys! What a beautiful healthy boy!