Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Hello!

Hello everyone!
Yes I am still alive and doing well,I am updating my blog for ALL you fans out there that keep BUGGING me to UPDATE!
SO here I go!

I Finally finished the kitchen and I am in love with the way it turned out.
Thanksgiving was a BLAST I hope we go to Cali every year It was a perfect trip the weather was awesome and Graycee loved are morning RUNS to the pier to see Uncle Jim!
while we were there it was my Dads Birthday on Nov. 24t...... We had a bonfire and then went to the BEST MALT shop in San Diego for dinner with ALL the cousins so there was ALOT ALOT of people! Just the way my dad would have had it with ALL his family there! well besides Dusty and Trent and there fams we missed you guys!

Now I am getting ready for Graycee's FIRST birthday Party and Christmas! I have no idea what to get a one year old for Christmas! Graycee is going to hate life when she gets older her birthday is on Dec.23 Ya you read it right 2 days before Christmas!
I made her birthday invitations last night thanks to the help of my mom!!! I am just learning how to do Digital scrap booking!
I love it so far.....
my next project is are Christmas cards which I am hoping to have done by tonight!

My goal is to have are Christmas cards out in the mail by Thursday so we will SEE!

here are so fun photos I hope you enjoy!