Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Hello!

Hello everyone!
Yes I am still alive and doing well,I am updating my blog for ALL you fans out there that keep BUGGING me to UPDATE!
SO here I go!

I Finally finished the kitchen and I am in love with the way it turned out.
Thanksgiving was a BLAST I hope we go to Cali every year It was a perfect trip the weather was awesome and Graycee loved are morning RUNS to the pier to see Uncle Jim!
while we were there it was my Dads Birthday on Nov. 24t...... We had a bonfire and then went to the BEST MALT shop in San Diego for dinner with ALL the cousins so there was ALOT ALOT of people! Just the way my dad would have had it with ALL his family there! well besides Dusty and Trent and there fams we missed you guys!

Now I am getting ready for Graycee's FIRST birthday Party and Christmas! I have no idea what to get a one year old for Christmas! Graycee is going to hate life when she gets older her birthday is on Dec.23 Ya you read it right 2 days before Christmas!
I made her birthday invitations last night thanks to the help of my mom!!! I am just learning how to do Digital scrap booking!
I love it so far.....
my next project is are Christmas cards which I am hoping to have done by tonight!

My goal is to have are Christmas cards out in the mail by Thursday so we will SEE!

here are so fun photos I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

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Kitchen TIme,No camera

I know I have been so BAD at posting blogs.....
I have been really busy these last couple of weeks OK maybe a MONTH!
We have been re doing are kitchen!!!
We have but bead board up on are cupboards and painted are cupboards BLACK!
And we have put crown molding up above the cupboards... Mark is still working on that part of the BIG PROJECT! and I got BIG silver Knobs to put on the cupboards!!
Mark and I have had A lot of FUN doing this project together! well lets just say I have had A LOT of FUN!
As far as my camera goes, I still don't have a stupid cord to upload my pictures.
My Great MOTHER let me borrow her camera so I could take some pictures of Miss Graycee
So here are some fun new pictures I hope you enjoy!!!

P.S. Thanks mom for the great NEW PAGE I LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Hero's

so all of you know that today is 9-11
I wanted to say thanks to my dad,Trent,Julie,Dustin and Justin
you guys do so much for everyone and I am so lucky to have you ALL in my life!
you are All AWESOME firefighters. Thanks for ALL you do everyday I love you!
everyone please take a moment in your day today and remember 9-11

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Monday, September 10, 2007

I am still ALIVE

Hello everyone!
I am Back in action! Thanks for waiting around to hear what our little family has been up to this last month.
I have been busy with life which is Graycee,Mark,work,Graycee,Mark and MORE work!
we did get to go away with some friends camping over Labor day weekend which it was nice to get out of the heat!!! we took two girls from our ward to help babysit and let me tell you they were a LIFE SAVER!
I am glad you guys have stuck with me and check my blog every now and then! I promise to be better at posting more often. here are some fun pic for you All to enjoy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I know I went private on my blog for about 5 days if that!
I was getting an email from a guy who was writing Spanish to me!
well as I have found out its just some junk stuff! So I am safe opening
my page back up for the WORLD to read!!
I want my grandparents and cousins and brothers and sisters and FRIENDS
to beable to read what I post!
So we are back open for PUBLIC viewing..........
Sorry to anyone that wanted to read my post but couldnt for the last 5 days love ya All!!

SO to anyone that reads my BLOG you CAN leave a comment HINT HINT

Monday, August 20, 2007

happy Birthday Rusty!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Griffin

Happy Birthday Griffin!
10 reasons we love you! 1.happy boy, Big helper
2.Loves his family
4. Loves to play outside
5. loves trucks,thomas the train,airplanes
6. LOVES SPORTS! {really loves Football}
7. likes to watch his dad coach football,loves Friday night football games!
8. TUFF BOY!! {he is already TORO TUFF}
9. loves to go to the fire station

Happy birthday Griff we LOVE you!

old pic sorry!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Marlee Brynn Schureman

Here is some more pictures of Marlee Brynn Schureman
Marlee and her NANA!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Graycee's BIG DAY!

well as of last night Graycee is now crawling like crazy!
So lets just say my life is OVER!

I also wanted to say congrats to my brother Dusty and his wife Suzie
they had a baby girl Monday night at 5:50 6 pounds 8 ounces
Her name is Marlee Brynn Schureman and she is a cutie! thank goodness everything went well and Marlee and Suzie are doing Great both Healthy!
Marlee has BIG huge eyes like her brother Braxton and long eyelashes
I cant wait to see what she looks like when she gets older! Dusty is going to have fun fighting off the Boy's!!!!
SO for the Schureman Gang that makes number 13.....
13 grand kids 8 and under. WE LOVE KIDS!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Graycee and family!

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Weekend at Trent and Kami's!!

Kami and I had planned to bead on Friday and Friday turned into a weekend thing! We went to the bead store on Friday...taking Graycee and Kami's 3 babies(Jordynn and the twins) let's just say we won't try that again. We got what we needed and then we went back to Trent and Kami's. When we got home Trent was home from school and so were the rest of the kids. Kam and I decided we wanted to go to Walmart and my brother said he'd watch all the kids...his 6 and Graycee!!! We were gone a couple of hours and he called us 50 times. When we got home the house was a mess and Graycee was covered in baby powder(refer to picture) Jordynn whose 2 took control and decided to change Graycee's diaper!! WE had a fun time...Thanks Trent!! Mark finally made it out after work and we BBQ'd and Graycee tried chocolate pudding for the first time thanks to her aunt was messy but she loved it!! We beaded till 3a.m... it was a blast, I love that girl! Saturday Kami made an awesome breakfast and we played American Idol with the kids. Then we beaded all day! It was an awesome and FUN weekend! Graycee had so much fun playing with cousins especially Jordynn, I think they are now BFF. Thanks Trent and Kami we love you!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just wanted to say thanks to Mark for taking me along to Vegas!
I had so much fun laying by the pool shopping and well trying to sleep in without a child!

Mark had been planning on going to Vegas on Monday night to check school out and go to the hospitals to see about any job openings! I was going to to stay home with Graycee but last minute I wanted to go! So thank goodness for a GREAT sister in Law that is Always willing to take Graycee for me! Thanks Kami I am not really sure how you do it with 7 kids ALL at once but girl you are the Bomb! And I really appreciate All you do for me!

So Monday we left town about 830pm and drove all night!
Tuesday we woke up went to Lunch with John, Michelle (Mark's sister) and the girls
and Courtney Warren Mark's old mission compaion met up with us at the RIO! for a GREAT buffet!!!!
then later that day we checked into the Venetian and had an early Aniversary NIGHT!
I figured we had no kid so lets go somewhere nice for one night!
If anyone is looking for a Great hotel this is the one.........

The room was AWESOME it was a suite with a very nice BED! and big huge bathroom and lots of t.v.'s I want to go back already the stay was nice except for the drilling that started right above us at 7 am!
the next day Mark drove around to the hospitals and then went and met with a lady from the school! So come to find out Mark has to take MORE classes then he thought so he is very bummed about that .. But it will ALL be worth it in the END!
Some day SOON I am hoping!

While he was off doing all that fun stuff I was laying by the pool and loving every minute of it! I met a couple of people while out by the pool and they live in Hilton Head Island where mark's brother is right now on his mission! So that was fun to sit and chat with them for a bit!
I had a great time And I am so happy Mark let me tag Along! I love you Babe!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Dinner!

Tonight I made the BEST Dinner!
I haven't made it in a long time and while I was making it I was thinking to my self, scary I know..... what the heck I haven't made these Chicken Roll ups in Forever!
Well I just wanted to share with everyone this great recipe
they are so EASY and fast and they are great for left overs!
My sister in laws I am sure know how to make these cause when we were growing up the ONE thing my mom did cook was these!

Chicken Roll UPS

Cream cheese 2 blocks
Chicken in can from costco 2 cans
lemon juice just a little or until it takes GOOD!
diced onions for flavor
Salt and lots of and Pepper!
***** This Amount is good for 8 Roll ups****
combine that all together
then take crescent Rolls original {ones you make yourself }
pinch two rolls together
then add mixture in the middle then roll pinch together so the mixture stays inside rolls

So each crescent rolls tube make 4 rolls up each!
then get Chicken gravy or the cream of chicken and put it! on top!

Easy and Great Dinner!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wedding Day!

I just want to do a Shout out to Mark's cousin Rusty!
He is getting married today we are so happy for the two of them!
we love Rusty and Jackie

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy 4th of July!! Mark Graycee and I went down to Florence with Trent, Kami and their family. Trent was on duty and the town had a big festival going on so with the rest of our family gone out of town we decided to go down there. We hung out, ate dinner and watched fireworks. Graycee had a fun 1st 4th of July!!

Kami took this darling picture of Graycee while she stayed with them! I love it!!

While Graycee stayed at Trent and Kami's for the weekend she got to play with all her cousins. They loved to help out. Dayten was in charge of feeding her.

Graycee and her cute cousins Tuff and Tess at Dayten and Dusty's baseball game.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

San Francisco

I know I haven't wrote a BLOG for some time now.
Mark and I just got back from San Fransico,It was a BLAST! It was nice getting away I missed Graycee ALOT It was the first time I left her so it was hard to leave! Thanks to my sister in law Kami for keeping Graycee!
We went with my parents, and as you all know it is an ADventure when ever we do something with Steve and Sandi! are days were full of eating,walking,eating,playing,eating and sight seeing!

I love San Fransico so much I am trying to talk MArk into going to school there! But if anyone knows Mark you know we are STUCK here in HOT AZ for LIFE!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home from the Hospital!

Well folks, I totally have been having problems with my stomach and it has stunk! So last Sunday my tummy was hurting REALLY BAD! I made my wonderful husband Mark take me to the E.R. and they did some tests on me. It was a bummer because they kept me there for 6 hours,and gave me some drugs and then sent me on my way! Well that night I couldn't sleep so I went and saw a GI doctor, on Monday he went in and put a scope down my throat to see my stomach. Well come to find out I had to get LOTS of shots I am So SICK of needles it not even funny?! I had an ultra sound done and they found I had A LOT of gall stones. So Wed. night I went in to have them removed. The doc. said that I have had this problem for a LONG time, and she also discovered that I had a lot a scar tissue that had built up over time. I am so glad the pain is now gone, but there is a downside to it, I can't pick up Graycee for a week so that's really hard and sad that someone has to bring her to me! I am sure glad I have my mom around she has been a life saver. My sister in law Kami kept her for me awhile when I was in the hospital and now my mom has her for me! We are staying the weekend at my moms house because Mark had to go out of town. Once again MY mom is helping me outand has come to the rescue. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my MOM she is the BEST

Thank you so Much MOM!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crazy Day

Well what a Day! I don't even know where to start, I have been up with my sweet little princess All morning long which stared at 3 Am.
She is getting her bottom tooth in already and she just isn't a happy girl.
My house really needs to be cleaned and I have tons of clothes to put away! and on top of all that my sweet hubby is putting wood floors in are house so he thought he should start the project at 9 pm last night!! So ya my house is turned upside down! But I know it will be a lot better in the end! the carpet in this house was SOOO Sick! it was time to make a change, So it will be nice to have a new look and I am getting new molding through out my house! I just might like to stay here awhile after its all done.
Well I hope everyone is doing well and having a GREAT Day like me!!
here are so cute pictures of Graycee I took the other night and of course we have to put in some in of her at Disneyland!! we went about a month ago to watch Graycee's cousin Kenadee dance it was a REALLY fun trip. we stayed in a beach house right on the water and we had some friends come with us we wish Dustin and Bridget could have make it!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Photos!

Easter DAY!

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter!
We had a very busy Day, we went to my parents in the morning for breakfast then off the my brothers ward in FLORENCE!! my brother and his 6 kids all sang in Sacerment! (way to go Trent and Kami) and kids too!!
then we came back to my parents house and my brother Travis just got a new game on his X BOX! You play the guitar and you are in a Rock band! So lets just say me and my mom watched Mark and my Dad play in a Rock Band!! So after about a hour of watching that me and my mom thought it would be a great idea to have a little photo shoot with Graycee! That was ALOT more entertaining Sorry Mark and Dad you guys are good but we had enough!! Then we went to Marks Parents house for dinner it was a good day spend with Family

I LOVE Graycee Easter Dress thanks Aunt Kami! It was so fun dressing her up like a little princess!!
Graycee Loves her time with her NANA she has a special Bond with her! we love Nana and Papa and Grammie and Papa they do alot for us!

Friday, April 6, 2007


you got me into this now help me figure out how to put things on my page!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well Today was a LONG day
I went to work and my best friend watched Graycee for me!! Thanks Brit!!
then I came home and took a nap for about an hour I had to have my tooth pulled yesterday so I am still recovering from the big pull! We had to take the dog to the humane society because she had an a broken paw and the vet wanted to charge a fortune to fix it and sorry we did not have the funds to take care of it, well it was fun for a couple of weeks anyway, but we still have hobie. Then I watched braxton while dusty and mark went to the coyotes hockey game. Well they did get spoiled at the game though- 2nd row seats, rights at the goal, ya and all the food and drinks they could handle. Fun!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm new at this

So I have been looking at all the blogs and thought I would join the fun! This is a picture of my new baby Graycee Layne! She is 3 months old!