Monday, February 16, 2009

A day of LOVE

Valentines 2009
 I have to say it was my best holiday yet! The day was perfect, we started out the day by going flying with Papa around Mesa. It was Graycee's first time flying and she LOVED I mean LOVED it.. We went by fountain hills and the fountain was going off and she yelled WOW PAPA!!!
 Ryker stayed with Grammie and helped her bake all morning.

 After flying we went to lunch at one of are favorites Red Robin with Grammie and Papa.
 it was very nice to just sit and visit. Graycee and Ryker were so good during lunch which sometimes is a surprise!!
 After leaving lunch we went to go put some flowers on Jett's grave. Let me just tell you  that was the place to be. That place was busy!!!!

 We then headed home to start dinner,we invited are friends and family over for dinner and games.It was A LOT of fun,I need a night like that like every other week.....

 For dinner we made 
Heart shaped meatloaf
pink potatoes
red slush punch
ice cream,pie,cake,cookies,candy

 After dinner we played games and sat around and LAUGHED A LOT!! Thanks guys for the fun night!!!

 It was a fun Valentines!!!


Nikki said...

What a nice Valentine's day. I am sure corree appreciates you doing that.

Julie Dustin said...

Super cute pics annie! You are so creative with your valentines dinner!!

Dewitt's said...

wow annie nice dinner! I am so glad you had a GREAT vday!

Rusty and Jacquie said...

Thank you for having us for Dinner...I had a blast!

Brooke and Brett Martin said...

Okay I love your energy about this holiday- I would have to agree though...this Valentines Day was my favorite yet. Why do you think?? I always try think too hard into things and just think there's a reason for everything. haha.
Darling updates- KEEP THEM COMING! Wow that Ryker is a big one!!

Birchall Family said...

Hi! I just was catching up on your blog and I saw that picture of Travis with the tiny casket and I lost it! Please give them both all my love. I can't even begin to imagine what they have been through. Your right, no one should have to do that, and twice for them is just too much! I am sure the Lord has a special plan for them. It shows what amazing, strong people they are. When we had Mikey at 25 weeks I had thoughts of losing him and it killed me. Please tell them they are in our thoughts and prayers! You have such a great family...give them all my love!
It was so fun to see Dusty in the picture you have a couple of posts back! I miss him!! Tell him hi for me too!

Kelsey said...

Hey Annie, found your blog through Stephanie's new one!! It was fun looking through your pictures and posts! Cute family you have, man how time flies! Watch out, I may keep up the blog stocking!