Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my love....

this is the man that my makes my head spin. the one that I adore more then anything in this word (besides my children of course). the man that will do anything to see me smile. this is the man that still gives me butterflies. the man who is the father of my children. the one I have eternity to love. this is the man who gives me his right shoulder to lay on every night. the man who makes me me and makes me an US. this is the man that has my whole heart. this is the man I love.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

get to know me from a-z

Me: a to z

Age: 30
Bedsize:Cali king
Chores that you hate: bathrooms,laundry
Dogs: yes
Essential start to your day: kissing Mark
Favorite color: Red
Gold or Silver: silver
Height: 5’7
Instruments you play: none
Job title: mother, wife, cleaner, cooker, boo boo fixer, washer, organizer, crafter, designer, lover, laundress, party planner, shopper, diaper changer, bottle maker, friend, sister, daughter, server.
Kids: three
Live: Queen Creek, az
Mother’s Name:Sandi
Nicknames: auntie A
Overnight hospital stays: three {labor and delivery} 2 surgery
Pet peeves: stupid people, people smacking there food
Quote from a movie or tv show: modern family,
Right or Lefty: right
Siblings: 3 brothers,0 sisters, 4 brother in laws, 7 sister in laws
Time you wake up: whenever the kids wake me up
Underwear: white
Vegetable you hate: beets
What makes you run late: children
X-Rays You’ve Had: abdomen, chest,hand you get the point {but never a broken bone!}
Yummy food you make: chicken enchilada
Zoo Animal: Monkey

Monday, May 23, 2011

hanging up the fire hat.......

Dear Dad,
Gosh where do I even start? I can not believe that it is time for you to hang up the old fire hat. After 30 years of being on the Mesa Fire Department.

Dad you are a true example to me and my children, I am grateful they got the chance to live "LIFE" as a firefighter family does. Games in the bay,endless rides on the fire truck, spraying the water hose,turning the lights and sirens on. Graycee bringing her FRIENDS to the fire station for a TOUR of HER Papa's fire station.

DAD here are somethings that you have taught me:
be a hard worker, if you are going to do something do it the best you can and make sure you do it 110%.
Serve others.
be KIND to others
be yourself
Be Honest

Memories I have of you being a firefighter:
Station 4
Station 9
Station 15
Dutra Family
Charity Events
Haz Mat
basketball,volleyball,hind and seek in the bay
Station 1 fire pole
Christmas Eve
waiting for you to return from a call
Mesa day Parade
"Corn Field Story"
Haunted House
Brown Family
spraying the hose
rides on the fire truck
book report on being YOU
The Hart Family
wheelchair games
special Olympics
The Pursley Family
Fire fighter of the year
Charles Lester Award
your crew
The Jane family
firefighter luncheon
union hall
Washington D.C
everyone at station 15
B shift
The Miller Family
nap time 1 to 3
training center
stories of calls you went on

THANK YOU dad for sharing these 30 years with me, I will be forever be grateful and to all his crews he has been with THANK YOU for becoming part of are family. I will miss the hours we have spent at each one of those stations, to the people we have met at charity events THANK YOU for the memories we have all have made.
I am HONORED to tell people my dad is a FIREFIGHTER!
these last 30 years have been quite a RIDE, but I know everything must come to an end.
You deserve it!
enjoy being retired!

with much LOVE,

Monday, March 14, 2011

I heart him......

I am so in LOVE with Mark!
I ask myself all the time how did I get so LUCKY!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

want a cute couple picture????

you MUST check out this cute website!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

weston has a blog

I will be spending a lot of time on Weston's Blog, If you would like to see what is going on with us just go to www.westonskousen.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 27, 2011


**** Weston 2010****
Is my baby really be one tomorrow?? YES!!!

As most of you know Weston has had many medical problems, so for his birthday I wanted to start a blog that my family and friends can follow him and his progress through out 2011. So I did it I started a blog just for him www.westonskousen.blogspot.com so I hope you will enjoy the roller coaster.. I am going to make a book for Weston of his first year so he can see what he had to go through in his first year of live.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy! I hope you know how much I love you.