Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guess WHO? Leave a POST Please!!!

1968...don't they look great?  
A match made in heaven..
do you know who they are?
Leave a comment, take a guess....
Just give it your BEST!
You guys look Cool... Stay in School! 



Dewitt's said...

you are funny the things you post about! they make me laugh! it took me a second to figure out travis but can the rest be spot on, how cute are dusty and his wife,they look like they belong in that era!

brooke martin said...

i am so lost it's not even funny!!!???
Annie...Ryker is GORGEOUS. I am so glad that time is passed for you and you're finally into the swing of things with those 2 kids. AWWWHHHHHh you are going to LOVE having this little boy!! They are the best. You look beautiful- I love your new family picture in the header. Cute family girl.

lundgrenville said...


I just got your invited in the mail...last night when I checked the mail....I am so sorry that I missed the shower. I would have loved to have been there. I have some things for you guys!! I hope you are all well. Love ya

Amy and Alex said...

Those pics are so funny of Suzie and Dusty. It freaked me out for a minute! Your baby boy is so sweet! There is nothing like the love between a mom and her son. Miss you!