Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby number 4.

I am so excited to be having another baby! I KNOW many people think we are CRAZY for having another child with Mark in school and life just being so CRAZY right now. It seems like when I do tell someone oh we are having another baby I get the look like are you crazy?? or people have said you are having another kid while you continue to go through so much with Weston?? and my answer is YES and I am SOOO EXCITED. For anyone that knows me knows I LOVE babies I mean I really LOVE babies. Growing up if there was a baby around I just wanted to sit and hold the baby. I have always wanted 4 kids close in age! We found out last week we are having another BOY! I was secretly wanting it to be a BOY. Growing up I was the baby and the only girl, I loved everything about it and I really wanted my Ms. Graycee to go thru her life the way that I did being the only girl! We took Graycee and my mom with us to the doc. apt last week to find out what we were having, having my mom there in case Graycee had Major meltdown if the doc. told us it was a boy because all along Graycee has been praying for a little sister and she would come up to my stomach and say good morning sister! I would tell her Honey that is so sweet but it may be a BOY! she would look at me like I was just crazy. So when the doc did in fact tell us it was a BOY, Graycee looked at my mom and started to do the SIGN for GIRL. Lets just say Graycee wasn't very happy. After we left the doc apt. we went to lunch and I told her all the GREAT things about being the only girl. So we are happy to announce we are having another BOY he is due in AUG.
If you know me you know I LOVE family names and I love having there name picked out before they are born, So with that said I HAVE picked out a family Name and a GREAT family name in fact! Let's just say this baby boy will have BIG shoes to fill:} I feel like the baby boys name needs its very own post!