Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Dinner!

Tonight I made the BEST Dinner!
I haven't made it in a long time and while I was making it I was thinking to my self, scary I know..... what the heck I haven't made these Chicken Roll ups in Forever!
Well I just wanted to share with everyone this great recipe
they are so EASY and fast and they are great for left overs!
My sister in laws I am sure know how to make these cause when we were growing up the ONE thing my mom did cook was these!

Chicken Roll UPS

Cream cheese 2 blocks
Chicken in can from costco 2 cans
lemon juice just a little or until it takes GOOD!
diced onions for flavor
Salt and lots of and Pepper!
***** This Amount is good for 8 Roll ups****
combine that all together
then take crescent Rolls original {ones you make yourself }
pinch two rolls together
then add mixture in the middle then roll pinch together so the mixture stays inside rolls

So each crescent rolls tube make 4 rolls up each!
then get Chicken gravy or the cream of chicken and put it! on top!

Easy and Great Dinner!!!


Travis & Corree said...

Chicken roll ups are the best!! I will need to make those this week!!

Kami said...

Oh my gosh...what memories this receipe brings back!! I haven't made them yet for my kids...hey maybe Nana can make them instead of sunday spaghetti, hahaha!!! Ok so Trent keeps asking when we're gonna have another party? Soon I hope because that was a blast!!!!!!!!! Love ya:)

Webb Family said...

those sound yummy and easy! i will have to try them, thanks.

Bridget and Dustin said...

I will try them tonight!

Piacitelli's said...

Uh oh....sounds like something Chuck might get addicted to!! Thanks. I'll try em' when he gets home tomorrow! YAY. I love new being em' on!

Bridget and Dustin said...

We loved the dinner it was so easy and very yummy! Thanks

Piacitelli's said...

Annie i made this yummy dinner tonight. THe girls LOVED it!! THanks!!

Trent and Kami said...

You tell me to update...YOU need to update!!!! Maybe after Vegas:)

Travis & Corree said...

Girls night sounds fun!! I am always up for a night out! Just let me know when! Your Mom said you are going to Vegas this week - that will be fun! Talk to you soon! Love Ya!

Stephanie said...


Ok so I came across your blog when I was on Christy and Ryan's and I had to write you to say HI! Your baby girl is absolutely beautiful! Hope all is well! If you are ever in HB you should call!

Stephanie (Draeger) Jensen

Birchall Family said...

Just stopping by to see you and your beautiful family! Glad to hear everything is just great. Thanks for the chicken roll up idea, I will have to try it!