Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Graycee Layne

Graycee Layne
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Here are some cute pictures I have taken of Graycee. The other night I came into the family room and I found my dad a Graycee asleep! She is really asleep with a BIG SMILE on her face!!!
Graycee loves when Nana reads books to her!
Graycee new words for the week are
YELLING! she loves her voice she talk all day long!

Every morning when she wake up she yells down the hall to my parents bedroom NANA!! PAPA
she loves weekends when everyone is home.


Birchall Family said...

I love the pictures...it is so fun to see picutures of your parents. I just love your family make sure to tell them all hi from me! When I found out I was prego I thought about all the people that i knew that had 3 boys and then a girl..and you came to mind. I hope your pregnancy is going great! Only one more month to go...good luck!!

sara dewitt said...

I love the new pictures! holy crap could graycee look anymore like your mom in that picture! I love how she is asleep with a huge smile on her face! she loves that grandpa! (who doesn't?)

Christy and John said...

I want a belly shot! You looked so good at the viewing. I would be showing it off. You guys are vacationing maniacs. Do you have anymore lined up?

The Schureman Family said...

I can't believe how much she is talking...pretty sad it's more than Tuff...LOL!! She is such a cutie!!! Give her kisses:) Love ya