Thursday, February 21, 2008

busy busy life........

I am FINALLY getting around to updating my blog. Sorry it has taken me SOOOOOOO long to do post.
I have even made my self a promise that I will TRY to do one post a week ok maybe one post every other week,Our life has been nothing but crazy for the last couple of months so I am going to just give you some highlights of some of the FUN we have been having around here.

* Date night Mark and I had a date night with Justin and Sara Dewitt we were able to go to Super motor cross. It was a lot of fun to look at ALL the Crazy people there, Thanks to my sweet mother in Law for watching Graycee we had a blast.. Maybe next year we will go again!!

*Babysitting I get to watch my nephew Griffin every other Tuesday and man do we have FUN. This last week he was kind of a BAD BOY so I told him I am sorry but you have been bad so you are going to JAIL! SO we played cops and robbers ALL afternoon and Graycee just ran around and laughed at us like we were crazy.

* Mattas* Yes I was able to go with some of my family to the resturant on Main Street one last time before they closed the doors. It was so sad are waitress was the same waitress we have had all growing up, she was so sweet. We were even lucky enough to have entainment while we were eating, no not the band but a pirate show going on, on the fireplace in the restaurant. Jack Sparrow came to eat there one last time AKA GRIFFIN SCHUREMAN. It was a really fun day sorry to those of you that couldn't make it.

* Graycee is finally walking every where and is into everything.. She is such a fun little girl I am just loving this age. Graycee has been sick for about the last month it seems it started off as a bladder infection then 2 weeks later she was tested for MRSA and that came back positive. And now she has a really bad cold she has had a temp for the last 3 days the other night she had a temp of 104.8 and now I can keep it down to about 102 with meds. I took her in to see her papa this morning and we are just going to keep watching her for the next day or so and if she gets worse then we have to take her in. AS of right now its just a virus and it has to run it's course. Fun fun times having a sick baby and me still having morning sickness it's NO FUN! I just feel so Bad for her because she is ALWAYS happy.

* Super Bowl
I decied I wanted to have a super bowl party so I DID!
Thanks to everyone that came it sure was a lot of fun, The food was the best we did a potaote bar,Chips,Wings,DRINKS,and the best was the banana cake it was so good thanks Nikki for making that!

*Friends  We have had a lot of time to hang out with some friends and play games like ROCK BAND
One night we had the Dewitt family over to play a little rock band and we had a blast. I really think Justin, Mark and Sara should start a band. Paris even got to get in on all the action! She is a great little drummer. Thanks guys for coming all the way out to the Creek it was a really fun night!

* Presidents DAY* We had a little family day on Monday and we well ok Me being the bright one in the group thought, It would be a lot of fun to do something out side. It was a pretty day out so I thought we could go to the Zoo, But my SIL went last year and said it was crazy so I thought we would go to the Renisance Festival. Ok very very bad on my part, It was a total FREAK show and there were sooo many people there. I thought I had a great idea, Thanks to everyone that follwed along and came along. 

 * Grandma and Grandpa Thompson  came to down and stay for a weekend. We had a lot of fun and all the grand kids loved getting to see them. We are sad Dusty and Suzie couldn't ever make it over. We sure had a lot of fun just hanging out and I loved listening to Grandpa tell us stories about when he grew up.  Now if I only could have written it down or had a tape recorder. dang it maybe next time! 
 Here are some pictures of  some of  the fun! 


Corree said...

Finally the Matta's pictures!! I love that picture of Griff in Graycee's bed. Thanks again for planning the Super Bowl party.

Bridget and Dustin said...

You guys have been very busy! Love all the cute pictures of what you guys have been up to. Thats to bad that Graycee has been so sick!

tiffany knox said...

I was happy to see this update. I m sorry you've been so sick. I agree, this age of our girls is so much fun! I dont want it to end. (except the teething part) I hope you feel better!