Wednesday, May 26, 2010

weston's blessing

Sunday May 23rd 2010

Weston Finally got blessed! After all his health problems and going in and out of the hospital a couple times. We felt like it was the right time do have this little boy blessed! I mean come on he is ONLY 4 months old.
I am So grateful that we could do it at my parents house {So my dad could be there}and have all of are family and friends come to support us on Weston's big day! I am so grateful for a wonderful bishop to come and be part of his special day.

I am GRATEFUL to have a husband worthy to give our son his blessing Mark did AWESOME as always:
Some things that really stuck out to me that Mark said during the blessing:
* I bless you to grow up and be a HAPPY HEALTHY boy.
* Bless you to serve others you will find happiness and joy in serving others
* Blessed him to be HONEST in all his doings and to be a good examples to his brother and sister.
* He told him how much we loved him and how much Joy he has brought into are life.
* Talk about going on a mission and getting married in the temple one day.
* He blessed him to be a hard worker and give a 100% in ALL you do.
* Told him he comes from a STRONG family that loves him and he has lots of cousins and Aunts and Uncles that will look up to him and to stay strong in the gospel it will find him the most happiness.

Thank you Mark for all you do for our family and thank you for being the MAN of my DREAMS! Sometimes I think how did I get SOO LUCKY to have a AWESOME husband and an even better DADDY to my 3 babes.
"Life is good OH SOO GOOD"
I will post pix when I get them from my mother in law I am glad someone was thinking and brought a camera...


Nikki said...

Annie that is great news. I love hearing such great things.
On another note my prayers are with you and your family as your little peanut is in the hospital. With such a reamarkable blessing I know he will have to adure these trails but be a wonderful man in the future to come.

Kristy Treible said...

Hi Annie! How are you girl? I hope Weston is doing good with your his feeding tube. We need to all get together soon! Your a good Mama!