Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just wanted to say thanks to Mark for taking me along to Vegas!
I had so much fun laying by the pool shopping and well trying to sleep in without a child!

Mark had been planning on going to Vegas on Monday night to check school out and go to the hospitals to see about any job openings! I was going to to stay home with Graycee but last minute I wanted to go! So thank goodness for a GREAT sister in Law that is Always willing to take Graycee for me! Thanks Kami I am not really sure how you do it with 7 kids ALL at once but girl you are the Bomb! And I really appreciate All you do for me!

So Monday we left town about 830pm and drove all night!
Tuesday we woke up went to Lunch with John, Michelle (Mark's sister) and the girls
and Courtney Warren Mark's old mission compaion met up with us at the RIO! for a GREAT buffet!!!!
then later that day we checked into the Venetian and had an early Aniversary NIGHT!
I figured we had no kid so lets go somewhere nice for one night!
If anyone is looking for a Great hotel this is the one.........

The room was AWESOME it was a suite with a very nice BED! and big huge bathroom and lots of t.v.'s I want to go back already the stay was nice except for the drilling that started right above us at 7 am!
the next day Mark drove around to the hospitals and then went and met with a lady from the school! So come to find out Mark has to take MORE classes then he thought so he is very bummed about that .. But it will ALL be worth it in the END!
Some day SOON I am hoping!

While he was off doing all that fun stuff I was laying by the pool and loving every minute of it! I met a couple of people while out by the pool and they live in Hilton Head Island where mark's brother is right now on his mission! So that was fun to sit and chat with them for a bit!
I had a great time And I am so happy Mark let me tag Along! I love you Babe!


Birchall Family said...

So fun! I am so happy for Dusty! I was totally thinking about him today while I was looking at Trent and Kami's blog...there little Dusty reminds me so much of Dusty. Tell him hi for me and give him a big hug. I am excited he is going to be a daddy, he will be the best! Tell his cute little wife to start a blog so I can keep up on them. Let me know when the baby is born.

Travis & Corree said...

Sounds like a fun & relaxing time! Those are the best!

Bridget and Dustin said...

That is so nice of Mark to let you tag along. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Christy Denney said...

Annie, I love Vegas. I am glad you had fun with Mark. It's always nice to have some alone time without kids. I totally remember the Tim McGraw concert with your fam. We put those fake tattoos on our arms. I miss you guys!

brooke martin said...

okay you are one lucky mama to have a getaway like that. ONE LUCKY MAMA I TELL YOU! oh- i'm craving for a little vaca like that. it's just not time unfortunately. well-your little babes is growing- she's just a doll. where abouts do you live again annie??

Mark and Annie said...

I'm glad you two had fun! We love having Graycee over..she's such a cutie pie!!

Kami said...

Crap i did it again...sorry!