Saturday, January 5, 2008

Major update!

Life has be busy,crazy and fun!
My first Major event this last month was Graycee turned 1 years old!
How sad my baby is not a baby any more.
The day was perfect we had a party at Mark's parents house {Grammie and Papa}
we got a castle bounce house and had Pizza,pop,cake and ice cream.
thanks to EVERYONE that came thanks for sharing in Graycee's BIG DAY!

Second was Christmas!!
I love this holiday.. It is always good think about the REAL meaning of christmas!
I got Spoiled as always thanks Mark and my parents and Mark's parents for the wonderful gifts!

Third was the MOVE!
Yes we FINALLY got our house rented! so we are living in good old Queen Creek with my parents.
It is so nice being here and my parents are so kind to let us stay with them why Mark figures out his schooling!
like what school what sate and all the fun stuff..... Mark is working hard and I know its ALL going to pay off SOMETIME SOON I hope! I love ya BAbe!

Happy LAte New Years to you all I hope this a great year for everyone!
Good luck to everyone that made new Years resolutions. I hope everyone sticks with them! GOOD LUCK

This year was REALLY REALLY low key for us. MArk and I went to dinner then back home by 8 p.m.
thanks Mom for watching G! I was Really tired so I missed all the fun New years Celebrations like watching the BALL drop!
I was asleep by 10 at the latest! Sad I know......... Good thing we are here living with my parents because Mark and my mom stayed up and partied together!
Mark did wake me up and gave me a New Years KISS! What a sweetie!


Chunky Monkey said...

I love you Annie!!!Looks like you guys had fun and Gracie is so cute.Sorry we couldn't make it to the party...I do have a special birthday girl clippy for her.We need to go to lnch.

Bridget and Dustin said...

You guys have been very busy! Glad Gracie's Birthday party went well. Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas and New Year's. You old fart going to bed that early. Love all the new updates and pictures.

tiffany knox said...

wow you look really pretty annie!
I love gracie's dress. where do you get that??
I thought of you when my baby girl was turning one since we would have been hospital buddies...
how did it go? all I know is that ciera loves cake!!!