Sunday, July 27, 2008

night with Grammie and Papa

Last night Mark and I went on a fun date with Rusty and Jackie! 
 Graycee got to stay with Grammie and Papa while we went out, she always has so much fun over at there house.  She went Swimming with Grammie and read books her two favorite things to do. She loves there house cause she can just play outside and run around all there grass they have. She loves to go out to there garden with Papa. There neighbors have horses and she gets so excited to see them. 
   Thanks so much for watching her she loves it when she goes to Grammie and Papa's house
 Graycee is starting to repeat anything you say!  Her word for the week are:
 and she still LOVES to say PUPPIES

She walk around the house saying MARK! 
 Here are some pictures of here swimming and just being silly eating cake!


Corree said...

That girl loves to swim, she is such a fish!! I love the cake face picture!

The Schureman Family said...

We missed you guys last night, Trent called the house and Travis called cell phones but never got an answer. I'm glad you guys had fun time it will be with!!

lundgrenville said...

Does she have red hair?? I didnt notice that before. She is getting so big & blossiming into a beautiful little girl!!