Tuesday, August 5, 2008

count down!

 The count down has started... I am a month away from having  little Ryker BOY!
 I am so excited I just can't wait to hold him on my arms. He is a lot more active in my stomach then Graycee was so it will be fun to see what he is like!!! 

 Graycee is doing well getting so big way to fast!
 she is into climbing  on EVERYTHING she can and that little girl has a TEMPER! 
  Graycee is talking a lot and says just about anything you ask her to say.
 the words for the week are:
  when she wakes up in the morning she calls everyones name until somebody comes and gets her. It is so cute to just listen to her talk!

 Life is great! 

 Here are some fun pictures I have taken and to my friends that want to see a belly picture here you go!


The Schureman Family said...

Almost there...I'm jealous I wish I only had a month to go!!! I can't believe how big and how fast our family is growing! Ryker #13, my baby #14 and who knows maybe Corree will join in the baby fun and she'll have 15 and 16...lol:) Mom and Dad are in HEAVEN!!! You think baby "G" is crazy now just wait till Ryker comes...WATCH OUT!!!!! Cute post,Love ya:)

lundgrenville said...

Hey Annie-

Graycee is getting so big & adorable as ever. I cant believe you are soon to have a little man join your family too. So excited for you and Mark. Hope all goes well! We will be praying for ya. I wonder how Graycee is going to take it all in...she is so used to getting all of the attention with her cuteness! Now she is going to have a little brother to look after.

brooke martin said...

Annie...YOU ARE SOOOO countdown. The best part of being prego right here! ;)
Hey- we LOVE the name Ryker. It's at the top of my sister's boy name list. ABSOLUTELY DARLING Annie. I'm really really excited for you!

Christy and John said...

Happy Birthday Annie! I hope you have a great day. Maybe Ryker will come as an early b-day gift for you!

Nikki said...

That is so funny that she says everyone's name. I want to say,"Congradulations on the new baby boy." Our prayers are with you and your family. Please let me know if you ever need anything at all I am here for you.

Brook said...

Congrats Annie! I thought it was SO nice of Mark to say hello! I was glad he did so I could hear how everything went for you. He said you were hopefully taking Ryker home soon, we hope all is going well! Jack and Ryker will have to make a playdate! I liked 8/8-you have a cool birthday!