Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ryker Weston Skousen

Ryker Weston Skousen is here!
He was born on Sunday Aug. 10th at 11:48 pm I went into the hospital about 11 am so it went alot faster with him then it did with Graycee.
He was only 36 weeks so his lungs weren't strong enough so he has had to be in the NICU for a week! Ryker had a feeding tube in because he couldn't breath very well when he would eat.
He couldn't breath on his own so he was hooked up to all kinds of stuff!
We are all home now, it is sure nice to be HOME!!
I just want to say THANK YOU for all the great people in our life that have called came down to the hospital and have watched Graycee so MArk and I could be by Ryker side while he was in the NICU.
I am sorry for not being very good at returning phone calls last week, My life was kinda all a blur that week!!!
Ryker is doing better, his breathing still isn't a 100% but is much better then it was.
He is such a sweet baby and I am glad he is finally here!
Graycee has been having a VERY hard day today. Good thing Nana has been here to save the DAY!


Nikki said...

He is beautiful. My prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there.

Shelby Matson said...

Annie-He is adorable...COMGRATS!! I am glad he is doing better!-Shelby

Jim and Monica McDowell said...

Congrats, I have not been up on my blogging lately. But I am glad that you are home and he is doing ok. It is hard to have them in the NICU, atleast it was not for too long. Emily was in for over 2 weeks when she was born. Let me know if Graycee ever needs to come play. She would have a blast. As well as give you a break. Call me if you need ANYTHING! 480-353-8549

Daniel & Kelli McDowell Family said...

Congrats! He is super cute. Good to hear Ryker is home.

Courtney Williams said...

Oh is so cute Annie, and we share the same birthday! I hope all is well!!

Jodi said...

Annie he is just adorable! It is sooo hard to not be able to hold your kids when they are born. That has happened with all 3 of mine. When Jaylee was born is January they think she was also about a month early and spent a week in the NICU as well. Probably went through what your little ryker went through. It's so weird because I didn't really feel like bonded until I took her home. We need to do lunch and meet up with sara. It's been forever!!

Leisel said...

Hey Annie-
I am so sorry your new little one had such a rough entrance into the world. That must have been so scary! I am glad he is doing okay. He is very cute and your little fam is adoreable. I had no idea Karen was pregnant again. I knew she had lost her last baby girl. I am so happy she got another one!

Lindsey & Kenny Kilpatrick said...

Oh Annie, he is so cute! I am sorry to hear about his stay in the NICU but so glad that all is well know. You are gonna love having your little man. Boys are so fun! I think everyone should get at least one boy. Congrats!