Monday, December 7, 2009

where has the time gone????

Ok I think it is about time I update my blog.... Our life has been filled with lots of ups and down the last couple of months but we are here and doing well.

Highlights from the last couple of months......
1. We are expecting another baby{BOY} due in Feb. this baby
thinks he wants to come out now so I am on Bed rest until I can get my conctractions under contr
ol or until I hit 32 weeks what ever comes FIRST!

2. We spent Thanksgiving in California with Family.
3. We have gone to DISNEYLAND a couple times I LOVE having season passes they are
the BEST!
4. Graycee and Ryker have another Cousin.. Austin * Graycee Just loves looking at him and holding him and giving him LOTS of kisses. She calls him BABY KADEN every baby that we see she says oh BABY Kaden.

5. BAby Kaden Finally got to come home from the hospital after 4 months of the NICU. Graycee got to look at him thru there window and how excited she was that Baby Kaden wasn't in the hospital any more. The night she got to she him she said oh He is at Rusty's house now not the Hospital....
6. Mark FINALLY got into Nursing school he starts JAn at PHX College, I am so excited for this new chapter in our life. I will be a single mom with 3 kids for the next 2 years.. But it will ALL BE WORTH IT in the end.

Nov 30th Kaden Fife passed away :{
I am so grateful that Jacquie and Rusty let us be apart of his life. His Lungs were not that great so Kaden didn't get to go out much and meet alot of people. I am grateful for the times Mark and I had with him the Hospital visits or the nights we played games! I am glad I got the chance to sit and hold him one night I held him for about an hour and he just Smiled at his AUNTIE A gosh he really did LOVE me I know it!!
It is amazing to me how I have had 3 little babies a pound or less come into my life and how they have ALL 3 taught me more about life then alot of others. I am Grateful for 2 healthy kids and as I sit here on Bed rest keeping this baby in I know that if I do what I can for this baby everything will turn out the way the LORD wants it to be.

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Chad and Amanda said...

Cute Pictures! It's about time you udated your blog,LOL. How are you feeling? You need to add us to your blog. Hope everything is going better for you. Stay in touch