Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crazy Day

Well what a Day! I don't even know where to start, I have been up with my sweet little princess All morning long which stared at 3 Am.
She is getting her bottom tooth in already and she just isn't a happy girl.
My house really needs to be cleaned and I have tons of clothes to put away! and on top of all that my sweet hubby is putting wood floors in are house so he thought he should start the project at 9 pm last night!! So ya my house is turned upside down! But I know it will be a lot better in the end! the carpet in this house was SOOO Sick! it was time to make a change, So it will be nice to have a new look and I am getting new molding through out my house! I just might like to stay here awhile after its all done.
Well I hope everyone is doing well and having a GREAT Day like me!!
here are so cute pictures of Graycee I took the other night and of course we have to put in some in of her at Disneyland!! we went about a month ago to watch Graycee's cousin Kenadee dance it was a REALLY fun trip. we stayed in a beach house right on the water and we had some friends come with us we wish Dustin and Bridget could have make it!


Deneigh Candland said...

So while reading a friends blog I saw a link for your name! How are you? Oh my goodness your daughter is a doll! What a cute little family you have!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to those days! Hang in there!! Every day is a new day, and you have to just plug along thru those long crazy days. We are excited to watch Graycee on Tuursday. See you then!!

Bridget and Dustin said...

I told you that she was getting them! She is so cute and is looking so big in those first pictures. Well I was very sad that we never made it on that trip. We will all go this summer sometime! Love you!

brooke martin said...

cute family annie. your parents seem like great grandparents. you're lucky! hope today was a better day.

Suzanne Cummard said...

Annie, I just found your BLOG thru the comment you left on Shalae's! Cute. I am sorry about your stomach. I hope you are feeling better! Your little girl is so cute! HOW FUN! (What is behind her in that picture? A blanket or car seat cover??? AnD... where from? It is a cute fabric!