Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well Today was a LONG day
I went to work and my best friend watched Graycee for me!! Thanks Brit!!
then I came home and took a nap for about an hour I had to have my tooth pulled yesterday so I am still recovering from the big pull! We had to take the dog to the humane society because she had an a broken paw and the vet wanted to charge a fortune to fix it and sorry we did not have the funds to take care of it, well it was fun for a couple of weeks anyway, but we still have hobie. Then I watched braxton while dusty and mark went to the coyotes hockey game. Well they did get spoiled at the game though- 2nd row seats, rights at the goal, ya and all the food and drinks they could handle. Fun!


brooke martin said...

SOOOO FUN SEEING YOU TODAY!!! I left there thinking: I WISH I WOULD HAVE ASKED ANNIE THIS, THIS, THIS, AND THIS! But I wasn't thinking. We'll have to get together again. Gracee is ADORABLE- good job! That cute little curled lip. i just loved it!

brooke martin said...

what is your email address?? email me-