Friday, April 6, 2007


you got me into this now help me figure out how to put things on my page!!


Brooke said...

Call me and I can help you out. It's looks like you are getting the hang of it!

brooke martin said...

annie- I'M A NEW BLOG USER TOO! HAHAH! okay- now i'm addicted. but i'm trying to maintain moderation here. HOW ARE YOU???!!! your baby is your TWIN! sooo cute and i LOVE her name! hopefully we'll see you tomorrow.

Nana Sandi said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for including us in your Blog Report! What a great Idea...I love being able to see pics of you guys and the kids, and it's fun seeing your friends too, like Britani and Bridget...I'll check in often! Love and Kisses. MOM

Nana Sandi said...

PS, Is that Graycee the cutest dang baby or what????