Thursday, December 31, 2009

Graycee turns 3

Dear Graycee,
Happy Birthday sweet Girl! {Dec. 23 2006} It is a day that I will NEVER forget it changed my life FOREVER.
Graycee I want you to know your dad and I couldn't wait for you to join OUR FAMILY. I have DREAMED about being a MOM for a long time. Just ask anyone that knew me when I was a little girl I LOVED LOVED LOVED babies!

It started out I was sick and up all night with the flu or something the night before. I didn't want to wake up your dad so I went into the family room and the extra bedroom and TRYED to get comfy. That only lasted SO long around 2 Am your dad came in and asked if I was ok I told him I was sick I told him I would be fine just go back to sleep. He had to be at work at 7 am so I didn't want him to be up with me all night. Around 2:30 am I was freezing so I got into the shower and oh my that felt so good,HOT HOT shower! finally about 45 min later I get out still freezing and puking my brains out. Your dad says come on I am going to take you to the hospital you are not keeping anything down. So Finally about an hour later I had had enough and said ok lets go in. I was sitting in the car and out comes your daddy with the baby car seat. I said what are you doing they are going to send us home I am only 36 weeks along and he said you never know. Gosh was he right you never know what is going happen! So I make the phone call to Nana and Papa,Papa answer the phone half asleep I asked him to let Nana know we were going to the hospital and I would keep them posted!

I got checked in and they said you were ok but they wanted to give me some fluids because I was so sick,they asked me to move rooms and asked if I would be able to walk and I said yes. So we are walking into a new room and just before I sit down my water breaks!! I didnt want to tell the nurse so I say babe is this my water that just broke?? He started to laugh and said YES! he went and got the nurse. Needless to say we had a change of plans real quick!

As I am waiting to get put into a room to have you, Uncle Travis had brought Aunt Corree in she was only 20 weeks along and she was having contractions....

About an hour later Uncle Travis called Nana and told her the game plan... They were going to watch Aunt Corree and the baby and I was going to be having a baby today. Nana Freaked out and said what are you talking about?? He said ya Annie is down here and is having a baby today!! Well Papa forgot to tell Nana I was going in to get checked out.

Uncle Travis had found someone to come and stay with his kids so Nana could leave and come down and be with us at the hospital!

The nurses started me on some drugs to get my contractions going.... I was moving along and thought I was going to have you by mid afternoon, around 9 AM Talan was born! Around 9 my contractions were going really really strong and at that point they just stopped! Corree and I both have the same Doc. So he is in there room then coming in and checking on me.. It reminded me of FAther of the Bride. I mean we couldn't even make this kinda thing up! Well needless to say I like to think you wanted to stay up with Talan a little bit longer! So around 9PM you made your grand entrance into this Crazy Fun filled world! In the room was your daddy Nana and Papa and Grammie and Papa! Just the way I had wanted it!

It was a very happy day for your Dad and I. Around midnight after everyone had left Uncle Travis had come in to meet you! It was so nice to see him and just Cry! He told me something that I will never forget, he told me "Annie be HAPPY she is healthy and Corree and I are going to be ok we have 3 HEALTHY kids at home."

Later that night Aunt Corree and her Mom came in and just held you!
I look at it as Travis,Corree and your dad and I we share you! Dec. 23rd is a day that forever changed us!

I remember the first night you were born, the nurse came in to check on me and your dad was in a chair next to me Snoring away! The nurse said you would think he has had a HARD day today...:} I kept waking your daddy up asking him is she breathing ok?? He would roll over take a look and say yes Honey she is FINE!

Dec 24th 2006
It was Christmas Eve they took you that morning to do your ear testing and when they brought you back to us you were wrapped in a HUGE red stocking! It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. That night your dad went to the Skousen Christmas party so Nana came down and held you while I slept!

Dec. 25th 2006 YOu got to come home!! It was so weird driving in the car with a baby in the back seat. I had never seen your dad drive so slow in my life.

YOu are a big 3 years old now and I have never written down my feeling about the day you were born to YOU!
Graycee I want you to know we love LOVE you so much and are GRATEFUL you part of our family for FOREVER! YOu are the BEST BIG sister. You are so sweet to Ryker and he adores you,he thinks you are so funny!

I can't wait for your new little brother to come in a couple weeks! YOu are like your mommy and love babies!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl~ XoXo
Love, Mom


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday graycee! She is a doll!!! You have a beautiful family!
~Sarah Sellards

Kristy Treible said...

Happy Birthday Graycee! She is so cute!