Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was a GOOD one! Each one of us got spoiled this year by Santa he really really LOVES us!
Some highlights this year

Graycee making Gingerbread house with her Grammie! She LOVED the one on one with her Grammie she thought it was pretty cool. If anyone came over to our house Graycee would say do you want to see my Gingerbread house me and my Grammie made?

The Sunday before Christmas Mark had to work so on the Sundays he works we go to church with my parents, my dad was at the fire station so it was me and the kids and my mom. We are sitting in are seats listening to the choir sing and Graycee wants to go tell Dr. Ty Nana's friend Merry Christmas.. He is in my moms ward and he works at the same Dr. office my mom works at so she wanted to go say Hi and Merry Christmas! He is sitting 2 rows ahead of us and so goes up says "Merry Christmas" and hands him something..{ fruit loops} Then next thing I know she is sitting on his lap just talking away to him!
She comes back to us and said I told him HI! she climbs up on my moms lap and she is playing with a toy and being a very good girl! All of a sudden she looks up at my mom and says they are singing about baby Jesus?? My mom told her yes she said "Them know there where Bee's and Cows and pee and Poo in that Barn" It was funny but so sweet at the same time!

Christmas Eve we went to the Skousen Christmas party then headed over to my parents house to stay the night. As we were getting ready for Santa to come,My mom asked Graycee if you could have gone and seen Baby Jesus when he was born would you have gone? She said YES and I would help Married with him and Burp him for her....

As we were putting the cookies and milk out on the fire place Graycee was so worried Santa is going to burn his Butt. Papa please turn that fireplace off! So Papa did so Graycee would finally go to sleep!
Christmas Day
we woke up at 530 am to have Christmas with my mom and dad before my dad headed to the station...
Santa spoiled us with LOTS and Lots of gifts!

Then headed over and had breakfast with the Skousen Family! Graycee was so excited to show her Uncle D her new blankie...
Then opened more gifts!

Graycee kept asking for a rocking horse, she never said anything about it Christmas morning then the other day we were at the temple lights with Marks family and Brent asked her What did Santa bring you? She said Not a Rocking horse...:{

Maybe if she would have not waited to ask Santa for a rocking horse 2 days before Christmas... I told her he can't make one that fast he is coming in 2 days!

Ryker loved Christmas well he loved the wrapping paper!

Then to end the day we went to the fire station and ate dinner with my dad and all the fire fighters! The kids got to play with there new toys.. It was a FUN FILLED DAY
We are SO BLESSED for everyone in our life!

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