Sunday, March 14, 2010

can SUPERMAN really get sick?

Grandpa Schureman,dad and Graycee 2009Graycee and dad 2006 Graycee was wide awake just looking at him as he talked to her.
I LOVe this picture! This just shows how much of a daddy's girl I am... he has sat next to me during all my babes being born!
Mom,dad and Weston 2010
Ryker,Mom and dad 2008 I LOVE the look on my dads face... just so worried about Ryker

March 8th 2010
Is a day that changed my life FOREVER, It went something like this:
Monday's Mark doesn't have to be at school until 11 am so we TRY to get up early and eat together. Does it happen all the time NO,But we sure TRY!

This Monday was nothing special got up ate gave the 3 babes bathes and just enjoyed are time with daddy before he had to leave. The time came he had to leave we said are goodbyes and daddy got a THOUSAND kisses before he walked out the door! We like to kiss daddy a lot just in case while he is sitting in class he forgets how much we LOVE him he can remember all the kisses he got before he left.

He leaves I go into change diapers and about 2 seconds later Mark comes in and say"Annie are you dressed?" I said Yes why? Because your dad is here and would like to talk with us.

I come out to the family room and my dad and Mark are standing there My dad goes on to tell us He has been going to the doc. for the last couple weeks having his PSA numbers watched, He goes on to tell us they think he may have prostate cancer. I was SHOCKED! I just started crying and I mean crying hard,poor Graycee is looking up at us and says,Daddy why is mommy and Papa crying?? he told us what the next steps were. He was going that wed. to have some tests done to see if it was Cancer, well sure enough on Friday we found out that it is Cancer.
He goes in this wed. to have a full body scan done, This will tell us if it has left the prostate and from here they will make a game plan of what to do. The GOOD thing is this kind of Cancer is very treat able if it is still in the prostate. We are hoping they caught it early enough. Thank goodness he has yearly check ups with the fire dept.

My mind is going CRAZY.. Just like I am in a NIGHTMARE and I am waiting for someone to wake me up.

To me my dad is SUPERMAN I thought Superman never got sick??
I do know that what ever the outcome is we WILL GET THRU it!

Here is a poem I found on a blog that a girl wrote for her dad and when I read it awhile ago I just started to cry because this is how I feel about my dad.. and my HERO he will always be....

When I was just a little girl, There was nothing I could not do.

All I needed was Daddy's love, And all my dreams came true.

Something made you different, I knew that all along.

A young girls Perfect Hero, Who was always brave and strong.

You mended all my scratches, and healed my wounded heart.

A knight in shining armor, You always played the part.

Now that I am older, My hero you remain.

You’re still the hero who believes in me, But there has been a change.

You still take care of me when I'm hurt, And give advice to guide my soul.

But now I see it’s more than that, Without you my life just would not be whole.

Your example has replaced the armor, And leads me in all I do.

You taught me to rely on the Lord, And faith will guide me through.

You told me that God loves me, And he wants me to come home.

Christ suffered the Atonement, So I won’t have to try alone.

So how do you tell your Hero the feelings that run so deep,

When words can't possibly dictate, they just make the feelings cheap.

I guess the only answer is to say the best I can,

You are the Perfect Hero, You are the Greatest Man.

So to a little girls Knight in Armor, I hope that you can see,

My love for you is endless, And my Hero you'll always be!


Leslie said...

Annie I am so sorry to hear about the news!! I have never met your dad but can tell he is amazing!! I hope he can recover quickly from this!!

Christy said...

Crap. I have always had a special place in my heart for your dad. So generous and loving to everyone around him. He's been a good example to me. My dad had prostate cancer and within a year he was cancer free. I hope the same goes for him. It's a hard road but if anyone can beat it, he can. I am praying for your family.

Piaci Boutique said...

OH NO!!! We'll be praying for your super man!!

Cami said...


The Reebs' said...

So so sorry to hear about your dad Annie! You all will be in our prayers. Keep a positive attitude, you will get through this! Thinkin about ya:)